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So hello all

So this is my first post and it seems to have token me ages to do so. I found out about oasis from a blog and love the fact that everybody on here is so supportive for one another. I like who i am as a person and being gay is just another big advantage. People at school always are so critical and judge mental as for a boy my clothes are not the norm in my small town and people do try to make comments just to supply their ego. Personally i think if you bully a gay person, then it is just the same as being racist.

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awesome and awkward first post...

Well, I finally decided to just join after reading this site for a while and feeling a bit weird about it :) I'm Katie, 15, and in the wonderful state of Texas. I'm a sophomore at a pretty big surburban high school (5000 students), so it really could be worse. I have great friends and a decent family so I'm not so much afraid of "being outed" as just not wanting to wear the label. I hate being called anything, so the cliche kind of fits- I really don't want to be in a box. I know I like girls and I really don't think it's a big deal at all.

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I couldn't think of a non-cheesy title

Hi, I'm amaranth and I'm 15 and, well, this is my official debut on oasis. I've been floating around here for a while but I just decided to make an account. Anyway, a little about me:

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