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New Year 2013!

Dear 2013,
I'm so excited! I get to start over in school. New semester, new classes, new teachers, no dance, and now I can join the LGBT club at school! YES! I can finally get myself out there or at least get advice and motivation to come out. I'll make new friends and do what I want. Last semester I felt so tied down with dance. I couldn't do certain things because I could have gotten injured. It sucked. Now I can go skateboarding at the park or play baseball with the guys because I'm as free as a bird. I just haven't learned how to fly yet.

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New Years Wish for All of You

Hi Guys!

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Happy New Year!!

So, it's 12:15 here in Oklahoma. 2007. It's not 2006 anymore, and I've had an epiphany about it.

While it's the earth's responsibility to make it around the sun so that it can be a new year, it is our responsibility to make is different from the last.

What are you going to do to make your new year different from your old one?


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Happy New Year! =D

Yeah, about 45 minutes ago the new year started for me. =) We didn't go anywhere... Actually, I'm sort of annoyed at my dad, he went out to eat with his friends, who are also my friends, and he didn't even say anything. I didn't even know he was gone for a while. >_<

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Christmas update

Been ages since I last posted. Ish. Anyway, Christmas has been fairly fun. Didn't go out Christmas Eve due to lack of funds, but there we go. I doubt I'll go out New Years Eve either for the same reason, I don't get paid until Jan 5th.

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New Years Resolutions?

Hi I was just wondering if you guys are going to make any new years resolutions or if you have thought about where you might be a year from now? I myself intend to start being myself more, and stop letting people tell me what to do.Basically I hope to be more myself and happier.I hope thats where I'll be at anyways.How about you guys?

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