non-rhyming poetry

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On Moonflowers and Piss

After dinner with my mother’s rice and chicken sitting uncomfortably in my stomach like a rock I excuse myself and head outside.

The mid-November air stings what is exposed on my body, in this case my hands and face as I shut the backdoor. I am alone.

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The New Nation

An ancient and imperial institution falls
But from there we begin anew

Like to the lark at break of day arising
The voice of one cries out in the wilderness
And a phoenix arises from the ashes
Be embraced, you millions!
Lift up your faces, you have a piercing need!
Unscrew the doors themselves from their jambs!
Put your queer shoulders to the wheel!

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Reflections on Dandelions

As I look outside through my living room window I see a pot full of bright yellow chrysanthemums vivid against the icy chill of the dead November afternoon
The leaves have fallen from their trees, leaving stark naked fingers of bark encrusted wood prying out through the early winter air

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The Life In Pink

I too am the world
I sing the song sung by millions of others
I dance the dance they have danced
I am of the love that dares not speak its name


I sing its name out
Clearly, forcefully
I sing it in the face of aggression
I sing it through spit and rocks
I sing it at home and outside
I sing it in my bed

I love and am loved

I belong and am possessed

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As I walk by you, I make eye contact.
We start talking.

As I'm about to leave, you do something.
Something that shatters my soul, makes me cringe.

You smile.

At first, I'm happy.
But then it clouds over.

Suddenly, I feel different;
Feel thousands of things at once.

Like Pain.

The pain's cold like ice,
But it burns like flame.

I've slipped in a puddle of emotions,

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The Blinding Light. The Octopus Charm. Solace

step into this blinding light and
lose control
of the lightning storm
caught in your bones
that still screams
from every corner, and every
scattered edge
of your soul
trying to be heard
over the gunfire and the bombs
that burn away the sky
and the soil
leaving only the smoldering shadows
of those touched by
atomic gods

can we save man(kind)
from his most terrible

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A Quandry of Opposites

I have a rainbow necklace
And I do not wear it
I am not proud
Of being Proud

I am loud
In my own chamber
I am obtrusive
In private

I am ashamed
Beneath the blankets
I am blank
On the streets

In my head
I rail
But by my face
You would not know it

By my words
I am a crusader
But by my actions
I am nobody

Yet I am happy

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