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What can I do to help Oasis?

I actually get that question a lot in private messages and e-mails, and I never have all that much to offer ya'll.

I don't really think of us as having relaunched yet, not really. Adrian still needs to roll out some basic features, and I still feel I'm managing a backlog of stuff more than letting the site find its groove. It still feels like I hijacked the front page of your site a bit too much, mainly because you don't have the option of entering through oasisjournals.com yet. I also anticipated launching the site a month and a half before we did, so I have a stack of things I've promised to review and I still feel like I have that hanging over me yet.

But since it keeps coming up, I guess the one thing anyone can do is link to us. From your facebook, myspace, livejournal, typepad, etc., put us there in your favorites. If you blog elsewhere and like something here, link to it.

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trolling the burbs...

Wow, not really finding my groove here out in the suburbs. Oddly enough, though, the stuff I'm not finding time to do is the stuff I thought would be the majority of my time (watching DVDs, seeing movies, etc.).

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Oasis Moving to a new server

Just a quick note to let you guys know that Oasis is moving to a spiffy new server in the near future. I'll probably complete the move sometime this week, as the server Oasis is on at the moment will be turned off in early January.

It basically means there might be some down time.

Welcome, back!

OK, after a way-too-long trip down memory lane for me, I am happy to report that every interview and profile done on Oasis over the past 11 years is now online!

So, if you want to read interviews from Camille Paglia, Rufus Wainwright, Randy Harrison, Anthony Rapp, Wilson Cruz, Christopher Rice, a fictional author (JT Leroy), and many, many others, just keep scrolling down the main page here, and there are now 9 full pages of content.

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Getting into the groove...

Trying to get ramped up here with the new Oasis Magazine launch.

Back in Pennsylvania now for the holidays, so yesterday I went through the old Oasis Magazine archives, removing nearly 1,000 articles that don't need to be imported (mainly the old news, and the letter from the editors, etc). Then, I will be adding the old celebrity interviews and profiles manually (since they require layout, due to the photos and all), and sending the rest off to Adrian to import. All the old celebrity interviews and profiles should be posted this week, and then I can focus all my efforts on writing more of the regular content for the magazine.

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