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Oblivion is fun =D... and my current school status...

For those of you who know it, Oblivion is an awesome game. I've spent all last night and pretty much all this evening playing it XD. If you like RPG style games and such with magic in it among other things, then it's for you :D

**Oblivion talk, skip if you don't understand...**

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Tirade of Oblivion

Salvation, my comrade
Is but form in the function of a word,
Which may be,
Or may not be,
Vague and unperceivable.
Raving, it’s explicable.
If you have reason to be unhappy,
It’s understandable.
If you have no reason to be unhappy,
It’s curable.
How we perceive happiness
Greatly affects our own,
Whether medicated or otherwise.
And yet it’s obligatory.

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