old crush

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It DOES Get Better

I have grown SO MUCH as a person this past year.

I've gone to college. For the sake of anonymity, I don't want to go into details. But I am SO much more comfortable with myself. I feel like, "it's okay, I can do this!"

I went to the Coming Out Ball. I did a project on a gay neighborhood. I went to a party. Every guy on my floor pretty much knows I'm gay. The girls, not so much. I've heard homophobic talk from some of the girls on my floor, and I have a lot of conservative friends. I'm not ready to take that step.

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Mmmm, school.

I suddenly feel like typing something.
Anyway, my old crush sits behind me in french class. A little awkward, eh?
Yes, indeed.
I also have the same gym class and science class as her, along with her IDENTICAL TWIN SISTER.
Who is younger than that old crush by, I think, two minutes?
Anyway, let's give them some nicknames! :D
I'm going to call my old crush Twin 1, and her sister Twin 2.
Only on oasis of course. I don't think they would enjoy me calling them that... heh heh.......
Okay, moving on.
I think I might be a dog magnet.

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I want to scream

Okay so it's been awhile since i have written here; and i sense it will be long. I ah I don't know how to say this. I have used R. as a crutch not believing someone will fall for me because of the chair blah blah blah obviously stupid I know. Let that prelude the rest of this post.

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This is about the first man I ever had a crush on (that I realized for what it was), the choreographer for the school play last year.


The lines of your hands are clear
Elegant and definite
You gesture to the people listening attentively,
Your hands carve the substance of your words
Shaping pictures in the air in front of you,

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I wanna see you, I'm tired of my dreams.

Arrr I'm so dumb, that really hot queer film that I was going to go watch (see previous journal entry), the tickets have sold out already. Jamie and her mates already got tickets since they had a credit card so she said she'd let me know if anyone pulls out. Well Tim came with me to the queer film festival on the weekend to catch a series of short films made for kids our age.

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