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The Free e-Book Offer Is Still (and always will be) In Effect

Just wanted to let everyone know that my e-books are still free to Oasis members. If you enjoy them, and have the means, I hope you will buy copies so that I may eat. If you don't, it's okay though. I'm on a diet anyway.

To get the link to a free copy of Orphan's Quest, just PM me and ask. If you need the next one, Scion's Blood, same deal. The third will be on the way soon (knock wood).

I do like to hear nice things about my books, so if you like them, please let me know. If not, well you know what they say: If you can't say anything nice...

Happy reading!


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I'm so excited!

I just had to share this with all you guys - my first review from a mainstream Kids/Young Adult book review site, "Curled Up with a Good Kids Book". I am proud to say it's pretty much a rave. Another step closer to reaching the mainstream Young Adult market. Yay!!! Check it out, yo!


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Orphan's Quest Trailer Video

Hey guys!

Check out the trailer I did for Orphan's Quest!

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Back from the Abyss

Hi Everyone!

Orphan's Quest: Book Review

by underdarkness

When I first picked up Orphan's Quest, it was out of sheer interest to find out whether a novel deemed a "gay fantasy" could possibly be a good read. Most novels I've come by that specify the main characters as gay often times end up being preachy and tedious to get through without snoring or yelling at the pages, though I figured I'd give Orphan's Quest a chance.

The story starts off with a young man, Rokey, going through his studies at a sort of boarding school called the Noble Contemplative. The hierarchy of faculty at the school is vaguely reminiscent of a Catholic institution, minus the religious rule. From the start, we see that Rokey is attracted to other young men.

We also come to find that the world in which Rokey lives is incredibly tolerant of gays (or Samers, as they're called in the story). Through an accident that Rokey is ultimately blamed for, he is sent away from the confines of the school and is told never to return. The night following, Rokey is attacked and is saved by a young elf named Flaskamper (or Flash). From there, Rokey is introduced to Flash's fellow misfits who make their way from town to town to get by.

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I Must Now Try and Stir Some Controversy

So I have a new marketing team helping me to make the most of my meager advertising budget. One of them told me I should be as controversial as possible in my press releases because that would attract more free publicity. So I'm thinking - geez, I'm just a gay HIV+ athiest Republican who writes gay books marketed at teenagers. What is there about me that could possibly be controversial?

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A Small Step Forward

I'm excited. Sal Sapienza, author of Seventy Times Seven, has offered to read Orphan's Quest and give me a blurb. Yay!!!

Pat Nelson Childs: Interview

By Jeff Walsh

Pat Nelson Childs isn't a stranger to Oasis members.

He found the site when looking for avenues to promote his book, Orphan's Quest, but realized there was more he could do here in addition to book promotion. He's taken the helm of the Gay Like Me anthology project, and is an active member of the community here.

It did present a slight problem, though, as Pat happens to write in the small sliver of stuff that I just can't get into as a reader. I don't really do fantasy, sci-fi, comics, or anything like that. (I do have a small window available for sci-fi if it is about some dystopic future, but otherwise I can't read that sort of stuff.)

So, the workaround: we're going to get someone else to do the review at some point (there's already an excerpt available here). Pat and I had a chat about his planned trilogy of Orphan's Quest books, his coming out, his background, his being HIV-positive, and the ability to have sex with guys as a teenager without questioning your sexuality.

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Still Surviving

Well, I woke up with a better attitude today. Since I can't change the fact that I have to pay this money back before I can leave Maine, I'm just going to focus on the things that I can do while I'm here. Last night I thought of a whole new Firma novel, which I actually can't tackle for awhile since I've promised to write a lesbian series after this trilogy.

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The Whore of Harpo

Well I sent out a copy of Orphan's Quest to Oprah today along with a letter telling her all about my battle with HIV and how the book came ultimately came about. I feel like a total publicity whore now, trading off my illness to try and get some attention.

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"I Have Good News and Bad News," he said.

I was chatting with Brent Hartinger, author of The Geography Club, yesterday. Ok, that's not precisely what happened. In fact, I wrote to him asking him if he would please read Orphan's Quest and give me some advice on how to get an agent and a real publisher. He wrote back and kindly offered to do what he could to help. He did however give me some discouraging news.

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Review Orphan's Quest on Amazon

Hi guys!

Okay, now that my book is listed on Amazon.com, I need people to review it. If you've already read Orphan's Quest, and have an account with Amazon.com, please, please PLEASE go rate and review it for me. The link to the Amazon listing is here:

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New Cover for Orphan's Quest

I just have to show you guys the awesome new cover of Orphan's Quest. It was designed by our own Underdarkness and may look familiar to you becaue it was adapted from the same picture that he uses as his avatar. I wat to give him serious props for adapting it beautifully to my needs when the artwork I had originally commissioned didn't pan out. Anyway, here it is:

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