Orphan's Quest

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Five Parentally Challenged Young People Helped, Hopefully More To Come

I'm very happy. So far, five of you have taken me up on my offer for a free download of Orphan's Quest. I know I know, I'm not making any money giving away freebies. But just the fact that kids are reading it who would be otherwise unable to makes me extremely glad.

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Here's A Little Tip

Hey Guys!

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If You Want To Read My Book, But Are Afraid...

I posted this elsewhere also, but I want to make sure that everyone sees it.

All right, guys. If any of you cannot buy my book because of either financial or parental issues, send me a private message and I will give you a download code so you can download the book for free. I wrote this book to share, not just to make money.

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Orphan's Quest Sample Chapter, As Promised

Ok, I promised I'd post a sample chapter of my novel Orphan's Quest on here, so here it is. It was hard to decide which one to post, but I finally decided to post chapter 4, the one in which Rokey and Flaskamper, the book's two main heroes, first meet. Sorry about the wonky formatting. It's the best I could do in here.

Chapter 4:
The Road to Forrester

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Orphan's Quest Now Available as an E-book

Great News!

My fantasy novel, Orphan's Quest, is now available as a pdf download! Why is that good news? Well, for one thing, you can read it on your computer without anyone knowing you're reading it. I mean, I want you to spread the word about the book, but let's face it, most of you are not totally, if at all, out yet, and although there's nothing on the book itself that indicates that the heroes in it are gay, better safe than sorry sometimes. Another great thing about it being available as a download is...IT'S CHEAP! The download costs only $6.35, less than half the price of the softcover, so even those of you with limited means can afford it, and those of you who want to make sure that the book doesn't suck before you start collecting them (it does not) can find out for less money.

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