Pansy Division

Will Pansy Division become the Fag Fab Four?

By Jeff Walsh, Oasis Editor

Pansy Division knows what people say about them: They're a gimmick band, a bit too penis-centric and not to be taken seriously. And there are enough songs which support that theory, quite honestly. But as bassist Chris Freeman pointed out in a recent interview with Oasis, they might be seen as a gimmick band, but they're about to release their fifth album and making a living. The new album, "More Lovin' From Our Oven" on Lookout Records, is a compilation of their latest EPs.

Pansy Division

By Jeff Walsh

In February, queer punk fans will get another peek into Jon Ginoli's bedroom as Pansy Division releases its third album.

As was the case with their two previous albums, Ginoli is still single, still frustrated with the gay community and still writing great music for everyone else in the same situation.

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