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Meh Weekend...

Soooo.... My weekend was fun.

Well the second day at least. The first was boring and rather irritating... But I'm not getting into it.

Soooo, I got to meet my friend since kindergarten for the first time in seven years. It was cool!!! He brought his best friend (who was christened 'Marco Percy Taylor Nancy' by us) and I brought mine. It was really cool, especially since we act like we've never left each other!!!
Bad news about him though: He's seen Wicked, and I haven't. And he's taller than me... By six inches....

What are you doing for Halloween?

go trick-or-treating of course!
22% (2 votes)
go to a costume party
33% (3 votes)
hand out candy to the kids who are going trick-or-treating
33% (3 votes)
dress up for school/work
11% (1 vote)
0% (0 votes)
other (post a comment!)
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Total votes: 9
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You ever have one of those days? (one of those good ones...)

You ever meet somebody you have the impulse that you just wanna grab them and kiss 'em? yeah, you know what I mean ;D

It was a b-day laser tag party for my cousin, and he only had 7 other friends there, but JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR FOR THE PS3 WAS HE CUTE!!!

I pretty much just oogled at him whenever we weren't playing laser tag or in the arcade, I'd pretty much just stare at him, heheh.

And he has pretty awesome sideburns/budding beard for a teenager :)

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Every good party ends in tears/Stupid Drama

Last night I went to one of my best friend's sweet sixteen party and was having a great time. A lot of my friends were there and we watched movies, threw confetti eggs, and talked about random shit. I unintentionally just had to go and start some drama. My other friend had been texting me the whole time for whatever reason and she texted me something about the girl I like who was also there and I just turned and asked her what it was supposed to mean. And of course everyone stopped and turned to look at me, including of course M, the girl I've liked since 8th grade.

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So my door bell rang just now ..

and it's these two HOT surfer guys
"we just moved in across the street, and wanted to invite you to our housewarming party tonight"
does that sound like the start of a porn film or what

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