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I Must Now Try and Stir Some Controversy

So I have a new marketing team helping me to make the most of my meager advertising budget. One of them told me I should be as controversial as possible in my press releases because that would attract more free publicity. So I'm thinking - geez, I'm just a gay HIV+ athiest Republican who writes gay books marketed at teenagers. What is there about me that could possibly be controversial?

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Draft One is Done!!!! (hey I rhymed)

My first draft of Scion's Blood is finally done. Now it goes off to my First Readers for critiquing. As if that wasn't exciting enough, I got my ISBN assingnments today, which means my publishing company, Glynworks Publishing, is officially open for business. Right now I'm its only author, but I hope one day to use it to publish works by other GLBT Sci-Fi/ Fantasy/Horror authors.

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What No Feedback On My Interview?

Oh come on now guys, that was my very first interview! How about a little feedback. Did I sound okay? Too stiff? Too dopey?

Pat Nelson Childs: Interview

By Jeff Walsh

Pat Nelson Childs isn't a stranger to Oasis members.

He found the site when looking for avenues to promote his book, Orphan's Quest, but realized there was more he could do here in addition to book promotion. He's taken the helm of the Gay Like Me anthology project, and is an active member of the community here.

It did present a slight problem, though, as Pat happens to write in the small sliver of stuff that I just can't get into as a reader. I don't really do fantasy, sci-fi, comics, or anything like that. (I do have a small window available for sci-fi if it is about some dystopic future, but otherwise I can't read that sort of stuff.)

So, the workaround: we're going to get someone else to do the review at some point (there's already an excerpt available here). Pat and I had a chat about his planned trilogy of Orphan's Quest books, his coming out, his background, his being HIV-positive, and the ability to have sex with guys as a teenager without questioning your sexuality.

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Poem: To A Pale Prince

I'm going to be using this poem in a short story I'm working on, but I couldn't resist sharing it with you guys now, since anybody who has ever crushed on a straight boy or girl (or anyone that didn't return their feelings) should be able to identify with it.

To A Pale Prince

How can I begin
To say what can’t be said?
I feel what can’t be felt
And want what can’t be had.

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