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Victory Dance over Paper's Body

*Dances on vanquished summary of everything we learned in history this year* *"Sweetest Thing" by U2 plays* *la di dah* *lah lah lah*

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Late-night philosophizing on enlightenment through song

I have given up on sleeping, literally, and I keep on playing "Sweetest thing" by U2. Wo-oh-oh, the sweetest thing. The question is, if I play it long enough, will I attain nirvana?

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Today was a pretty awesome day. Saw Twilight for the third time with the one person in the world i'm out to, and her mom, so we were totally making jokes about how Alice was hot. It's actually pretty nice to have the first person i tell to be so cool with it that she's comfortable to make jokes about it. Not mean jokes, but nice, kinda teasing jokes.

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