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Oh, yeah! Canada won the GOLD in Women's hockey! Effing fantastic. I've been watching their games all along, and I was so proud of how well they were doing and then tonight they did not disappoint at all. I'm just super proud of them =)

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it's been a while...

to recap...
not much has happened...
i got over $250 for new years(chinese new years to you non-chinese)
saw percy jackson and the lightening thief(funny)
trying a bit harder in school...but i know i should try even harder :p
my number of pets and mothers have grown...
pet llama
pet llama #2 (was once mother but then turns out she's pet llama's
sister, therefore, not my mother)
daddy constance
mommy hailey
mommy jennifer
mommy diana
pet freshman
pet freshman #2
pet tomato
pet junior
pet flying blob
pet korean kitty
pet spethal senior
pet marshmellow
pet unicorn

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Hi all!

BD said I needed to post more pics of Raja, so here they are:

I don't have very many because of various hard drive crashes over the years. These are the best of the ones I have.

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Well, I've come to find out that I'm gonna be seeing a LOT more snow this year than the years before. Seeing as we moved recently(we moved more up north) and it's been snowing the past few days. Lots of snow! Which I love, because well I love the snow. I love watching it from my bedroom window. Well, I love it until I have to start taking the bus to go everywhere.

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My Best Friend

I posted this picture elsewhere, but I wanted to put it in my journal as well. This is my best friend Raja. He is twelve years old. I got him from the humane society in Florida when he was two and we have been inseparable ever since. I like this picture of him because he looks thoughtful and intelligent in it, which he most definitely is.

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