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How do you measure a human? Now I mean this seriously (Jeff) so no cock jokes (Jeff) and please try to keep things serious.

What makes a person a person? Can a human be less than a person? If so, how? Can a human be better than others? How? That sort of thing.

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Interesting Article

Win. I like people who recant and apologize when they realize they were wrong. It’s amazing how much a simple sincere apology can do.

In the article, Marinelli discusses how once the gay and lesbian counter-protesters became real, fathomable people, he began to question what he was doing. This brings up an interesting point: it’s easier to hurt people you don’t know. I heard this phrase used Friday in history class and I thought it was brilliant.

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ugh... SENIOR RESEARCH PROJECT SUCKS! and i can't figure out my physics homework. in other news i'm going to sign up for a video game tournament (i'm addicted to this "new" pc game) and a few of my friends will join me. if only life were simpler and not so unnecessarily complicated. i just think if life were less complex we would all be significantly happier, if only, if only.

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My philosophical questions for awhile...

love...what is emotion evoked by the release of hormones in the brain and the rest of the nervous system? is it a feeling of ecstacy when one is deeply connected to another? is it both?

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What's your philosophy of people?

So what do you guys think of people in general? Like deep down what are most people like? What do everyone have in common (socially off course, not physically)?

I think that deep down all people are nice once you get to know them.

Another one is that everyone has a lot of insecurities, it's just that some are better at hiding them at others.

Everyone needs to belong.

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