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Worst day of my life!

I am so unlucky I cannot even believe it!
I have never really been a depressed person, sometimes I get anxiety but fucking hell, I have been so depressed and down today! And this is why:

My dog got sick four weeks ago, and as she lives with my Dad in this remote town, I decided to fly up there to spend some time with her. The flights alone costed 1450 AUD! Which is a joke, to fly domestically I could have flown to L.A or London for that price!!

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What's Cruella de Vil's telephone?

Okay. We've all (or most of us have) seen "101 Dalamtians." I'm talking about the animated Disney version, not the live-action Glenn Close one. You know that part where Cruella de Vil is sitting in bed, and she answers her phone, and it's this really cool spindly old timey phone? What type of phone is that, being more specific than saying a landline telephone? I can't find a photo, but does anyone know the actual type I'm talking about?

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Collect Call from Lovelyboy, Will You Accept the Charge?

So. Today. Not long ago. Lovelyboy called me from Rome. It is/was apparently getting near to lunchtime and he is/was going for brunch and he had my number and he called on a whim.


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This is just one night of my life

Yesterday I realized that the fourth of July is coming up in 3 days, my birthday is in two weeks, and today me and my gf have been together for six months. I love my life!!

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Are you gay?

I'm just going to merge my previous Journal entry from today with this one since I wrote it recently anyways. If I don't do this I'll feel like I'm spamming... XD

----Old entry-----

So, I went to Soras (Sora = girlfriend) place today. It was... Weird...

So, we're talking, somehow we got on the subject of "gay" and Soras older sister, (we'll call her Axel..) is like "Are you gay?" Totally serious out of nowhere, towards Sora. And this is the second time she's asked her this since I came out. And Sora was like "No." and then Axel says "Oh, because you're always going to Riku's place."

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