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What do you draw / what style?

I was wondering what you guys and gals and guy-gals and gal-guys like to draw. (that was a mouthful) Also your style. Also maybe if it's different then you're favorite subjects or styles.

I love digital art, and recently I got a deviantart account. Some of the art there is AMAZINGLY sick! I've actually got into looking at the Anthro stuff (animals drawn to look like they have more of a human structure, like hands *think cartoons w/ animals like tom & jerry or something*). It's pretty cool what some people can do.

If you like just Anthro stuff, there's also

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this has been a budding theory for a while now...i suppose tonight i'll make it official. [it's also three in the morning and i'm bored.]

i have a thing for women with prominent noses....i don't exactly mean big noses, just...prominent. it's been going on for a couple years now, but i only kinda noticed it a couple months ago when i had a little crush on melina kanakaredes:

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does anybody know where you can find cute gay anime pitures? because whenever i look, i end up getting hentai porn and yeah...=/

so, anyone have any suggestions?

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hair cut

I don't know if I've mentioned, but I got my hair cut last Tuesday. I usually wear it up because our straightener sucked and my hair misbehaves without some heat and all that. But now my hair is nice and short[er than it used to be] and we got a straightener that can handle my thin wavy hair. So, goody, I can wear it down now! Plus, I just really like the cut.

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results of C's camera

In my last entry I mentioned C's beautiful Canon Rebel digital camera and how I had pictures to go with it from last weekend.

A lot of the better pictures I took of C are on this laptop and not where I can access them to resize, unforunately. But here's a few that I was able to get a hold of [not necessarily of C]:

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picture post

So I had these two pictures I'm totally proud of that I've been meaning to share but haven't yet.

forest activity

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