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What's your checklist for this summer?

Summer is here. I think.
Sad news for some, ecstatic moments for others.
Human beings are goal-oriented creatures. So what's your checklist for this summer?

Post yours and here's mine:
[ ] Rock the pride parade with my homies.
[ ] Get a decent mark in English and Calc at a freakish Catholic school.
[ ] Do some volunteering, meet some new faces.
[ ] Attend church once in a while.
[ ] Figure out what I want in life.
[ ] Work out everyday.
[ ] Get a girlfriend.

The last one is probably not gonna come true. But who knows. I'm hoping =)

What are you doing this summer?

going to camp!
17% (3 votes)
33% (6 votes)
0% (0 votes)
road trip! woot woot
11% (2 votes)
11% (2 votes)
28% (5 votes)
Total votes: 18
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I can't even think of a clever title...

So I did it again this weekend. I chickened out. I spent the weekend at her house again. I even took off work again yesterday to be with her longer. I can't believe this. I'm risking my job over a damn crush. No. Love. I can't get her out of my head. The way she lets me hold her when we're alone. Anyway. I was going to talk to her. Either that or I was just going to kiss her. I even started to ask her what she felt last weekend when I did kiss her. "Hey can I ask you somehting?" I said, speaking at a thousand km a second. "Last weekend at Teri's........Nevermind."

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