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Call for Poetry Submissions!

Hi guys,
wow, it's been a long time since I looked on Oasis but I figured it was time to make a new account and make a comeback.

Anyway, I'm currently compiling a poetry anthology titled "A Tale of Two Fools - Love Poems Not to Show Your Mother" and thought you guys might like to take part. I'm not going to give you any more guidance than the title and I'll just see what kind of stuff comes out of it. Any poems you submit MUST have never been published before. I know I'm only 19 but wierder things have happened, you never know, it might be in Waterstone's this time next year.

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in the silence

In the silence

Your words fall flat
Sometimes on deaf ears
It was all non verbal
Your eyes told a different story
Lingered, longing, hoping, praying,
The non verbal not matching
That which your lips were saying
Gone are those days
Now carried on the sun’s rays
Is a renewal of hope, a prayer and a promise
Because you never know who in the silence is listening

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warm teardrops run down
slowly across our faces
as we say good-bye

A.J. Chilson

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Dark Knight

this is the mental property of me: Shadow1992

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A Couple of Poems

The Sun Rises

The sun rises, each morning at dawn
she raises her rosy lips to kiss the world
with warmth and light and hope
yes hope of another day beginning


For You

each poem i write, i write for your eyes alone
every picture i take, i take to show to you
every morsal of food i eat, i eat to norish you

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as our tongues start to intertwine
all i could think is finally she is mine

my heart races at her every touch
my imagination gets to be to much

I waited so long for her to love me the same
my love for her i could never tame

the feel of her skin so tender and sweet
a prettier girl i couldn't possibly meet

I love when our bodies are close together

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Ok I forgot this part.....

I sit and cry at night
Alone in the dark
While everything falls apart
Watching the light fade away

I wait for Him to take me
Away from this place I call Hell
How much worse could this be?
But why do I bother to tell?

You can't help me
You can't fix me
You can't give me back my tears
That I've cried over the years

I know that everything I want
Is something I ain't got

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