poetry :)

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poetry can save lives

hello everyone.i have written poetry for many years. i would like to set up a poetry blog to get people more in tune with their artistic side. people think that poetry is girly, but its not. people don't understand that poetry is a way of expressing ones feelings. i use poetry when I'm mad or depressed. see I'm bipolar type 2 and it involves suicidal thoughts. i have tried to many times but thought about what that would do to my family. so instead of committing suicide i wrote a poem about how i was feeling. and it took away some of the edge off my depression and anguish.

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haven't writen in a loooong time...

head lights sweep across unlit ground
what i've lost can't be found
if i drive too fast it's because i'm young
if i sing too loud it's because i'm dumb
you're my constant,
you're my rock
you like to kiss
my tattoos,
and i can only live
with the scars i choose
star lights bright,
with the windows rolled down,
i like to speed down your street
one hand on the wheel,
i tap out the beat

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