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Hindsight [POEM]

I once loved a boy too much
He told me it was time to part

I was all alone out of touch
When I broke someone's heart

- Uncertain

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Confessions of a Perfectionist [POEM]

Beating yourself up
Such trivial things
Only so human
Already so much better
Can't settle for less
Any slight fall from your great magnitude
Sends you down
Feeling alone
Finding reason
For perceived failure
Just pure frustration
Festering like a wound
A last seasons apple rotting on a shelf
Although masked
Still there
Like skin picked to the bone
In desperation
Can't let go
Loyal to such sad expectations
Such sad truth
The would-be happiness
Not gained
Not genuine
Only temporary
A sudden rush of self justification

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Staring Back

Speed away on the wet, slick road,
My heart, heart thumping
To the sound of despairing music,
base pumping,
windows down,
A cigarette in my hand.

Does your heart spin all the way
When you see my face
in the rear view mirror?
I hope you see my face
when you close your eyes.
I hope the words you said serve you well.

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Because girl where’ve you been

written just now welcome feedback (not my best work but it fits how i am feeling right now

Because girl where’ve you been

Today I asked him
Why since I opened the closet door
Boys, rather men, find me somehow interesting
His reply, “we all want what we can’t have”
Do you remember when you left?
You left because we weren’t meant to be
Only now do I see this
Because girl where’ve you been
To share in my joy
I know you can’t nor do I want you
But my question remains the same
Why if I am the rock for all of you
Am I the one who is single?
What do they have

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Awesome Poem by Lord Alfred Douglas

Two Loves

I dreamed I stood upon a little hill,
And at my feet there lay a ground, that seemed
Like a waste garden, flowering at its will
With buds and blossoms. There were pools that dreamed
Black and unruffled; there were white lilies
A few, and crocuses, and violets
Purple or pale, snake-like fritillaries
Scarce seen for the rank grass, and through green nets
Blue eyes of shy peryenche winked in the sun.
And there were curious flowers, before unknown,
Flowers that were stained with moonlight, or with shades
Of Nature's willful moods; and here a one

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Aedelwine walked slowly,
bare feet atop the ground.
Winding through the dense wood,
tall trees towering.
She was dressed in a light fabric,
not covering her nudity.
She felt like a faerie, or an elf.
She dreamed to be so.

Aedel danced, and spun
and held her arms to the sky.
She was dancing for them,
The stars;
her slender body twisting,
with a beautiful ease,

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identity mad (poetry)

Feedback appreciated. Not quite satisfied with the ending, I'm (possibly) looking to change it.

identity mad

any time i hear that song
i’m reminded of you.
this is no schoolgirl crush
on the cute boy in my class.
or maybe it is,
except this cute boy was once the cute girl
and he can do absolutely anything with his hair,
some days she wears earrings

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Just Another Game

White lines, dangerous curves, and all that toys with your nerves
Snapping cameras, strobe lights everything flashing in your mind

It's just another game that she plays
Just another tool used to manipulate
Just a stragety to keep you on your toes

All the things that she does
Are to keep you wrapped around her finger (x2)

Sleekly elegant and so smooth are used to, to blackmail you

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On Moonflowers and Piss

After dinner with my mother’s rice and chicken sitting uncomfortably in my stomach like a rock I excuse myself and head outside.

The mid-November air stings what is exposed on my body, in this case my hands and face as I shut the backdoor. I am alone.

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The New Nation

An ancient and imperial institution falls
But from there we begin anew

Like to the lark at break of day arising
The voice of one cries out in the wilderness
And a phoenix arises from the ashes
Be embraced, you millions!
Lift up your faces, you have a piercing need!
Unscrew the doors themselves from their jambs!
Put your queer shoulders to the wheel!

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Reflections on Dandelions

As I look outside through my living room window I see a pot full of bright yellow chrysanthemums vivid against the icy chill of the dead November afternoon
The leaves have fallen from their trees, leaving stark naked fingers of bark encrusted wood prying out through the early winter air

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The Life In Pink

I too am the world
I sing the song sung by millions of others
I dance the dance they have danced
I am of the love that dares not speak its name


I sing its name out
Clearly, forcefully
I sing it in the face of aggression
I sing it through spit and rocks
I sing it at home and outside
I sing it in my bed

I love and am loved

I belong and am possessed

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Limp Wrist Scholarship/Poetry Contest for LGBT Youth

Information from Dustin Brookshire, you can find his site, contact information, and this original post on his blog:

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Drain my horrible pain it hurts me so, let full moons wrath let go. I am one with its wrath and together we shall cause my enemies pain and suffering, while half moons blight shall do almost the same. Nothing can escape my sight.

i wrote this when i was 12, so its a little raw and basic, but most people say its really good. that was back when i was still confused as to why i liked guys.

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Title field is required.

I stare at you
eyes full of fear
hesitation penciled in
between my brows,
i can see how far
we've come,
but it's tomorrow that I'm blind.
Your lips, hands, eyes, tears,
all tattooed underneath
my skin.
Exhaustion paints your face.
blue and purple
in the shadows
under your eyes,
I catch every movement,
commit it to memory.
Just how painful
will this be?

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Some haiku I wrote after returning from a walk.

Empty coffee cup
Abandoned on the sidewalk
Used up, and tossed out

Many pairs of shoes
Intrinsically animate
But still not alive

Familiar streetlight
Unlit and useless until
Twilight steals in

Silly little boy
Ice cream precariously
Balanced in his hand

A destination
Much more precious than its end
Because windows glow

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Not Important

The blank white page
conjures fear and terror
and the words comfort.
We have questions
with answers buried
beneath truths
contained in the black.
It engulfs and enfolds and encloses.
I emerge
unharmed and transformed and hated.

Destroying boundaries
that have been built with sweat and devolution
will result in death.

With the moon on my tongue, I
taste bitterness and rejection.

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Erebus in the Outer Darkness

The shadow of night washed over me
and I realized I had never before looked properly at darkness.
Not with my eyes, in any case.
There is something cleaner in the darkness than in the light;
Something... unstained by the light of day.

The lights of the city, however, broke my conscious dream
as I glanced back towards it and wished it were gone.

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Memories of walking hand in hand
They reappear without consent
And every word I whispered in your ear
Every desire I could repent
They sent shivers through your bones
And in your bones I gave you strength
The distance that we traveled seemed so far
Though, I know pain added length
And now I hang upon your walls
In the pictures that you slowly painted
Colors illuminated so vibrantly

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Blue Collar Jesus

Wretched sinners,
give unto me.
For fags are aplenty
and drugs are for free.
The niggers are rising,
the “sheenies, green” fed.
The “chinks” coming over,
the “A-rabs” are dead.
The US is falling
to a moral unwell
Faggots fighting for freedom,
please don't ask, don't tell.
The “Christians” are arguing
divide of church and of state.
My God believes in free will

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