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Breathing in her sweet scent, thanking god that I've found her

Hearing your breath
Catch as I slip my
Fingers slowly in.
Hearing you beg me
To give tou what you want.
Feeling you squirm
Beneath my fingers.
Running my fingertips
over your bare skin.
Listening to you whisper
How much of a tease I am.
Feeling you from the inside
Is all I need to feel
All I need to forget for those
Few moments.

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Hearts beat Faster as lovers embrace

Almost to the point where
I break,
Almost to the point where
I fall apart.
Where everything breaks
Down & I finally snap.
Almost to the point where
I tell my opinion to everyone,
Wher eI yell out words that
Are better left unspoken.

A pain that isn't there,
A pain that isn't real,
A pain that has lonng
Since moved on.
I can't hurt
For you,
Over you,

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Can Anyone say abit emo?

Buried deep beneath
Her sheets,
She's crying.
But she won't let anyone
Help her,
Hold her,
wipe her tears away.

Buried under her blankets,
She's lost to the worldd.
Lost & wandering with
Her friend Misery.

Buried deep beneath
Her sheets,
She's falling apart,
Breaking down,
Stepping closer to
The edge.

Written on 12/12/07

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Black and White

So I'm doing this for a school assignment- i have to write a poem which i stink at. The theme is vision. Here's my first attempt.

He sees me as a perfect angel,
I see a person who works to much.
She sees me as a good role model for her kids
I see a naïve and gullible individual.

They see two cool older sisters.
We see three kids tossed around too much.
They see a happy ending.

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The dreamers get punished most by truth...

You don't even know my name,
and you took what wasn't yours,
what I would not, could not willingly give.
After I take all the tests,
the only ones I'm happy to fail,
I think I'm okay.
Where I can sleep
without seeing your unknown face.
I don't even know your name.
The day after the world comes to an end,
and I've got this creature, growing inside of me.
She's more your's than mine

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New Years Wish for All of You

Hi Guys!

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Kinda wierd confusing poem

Escape from my mindless false existence
Finding a life beyond subsistence.
There never was much point anyway,
Staying silent when there's so much left to say.

Do you find it hard to see that I'm alive
Setting here beside you, listening,
As wind ravages the trees at night
Divining hope from these mindless whispers.

Soaring over foreign lands unknown

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Last night I
climbed to the seventh
being a noteworthy
number I figured I
may find something
little else than a
flier and a
used condom,
hanging from the
waving in the wind
like the American
the stimulus of it.

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black and white dreams and pretty pink thoughts...

if only...

if only...

if only i dreamt in black and white...

if only i saw his pretty smile and mussed hair...

if only his laugh made me smile....

if only i fit perfectly in his arms...

if only i felt a shot of warmth when he holds my hand....

if only his eyes made me melt...

if only...

if only...

if only i thought pretty pink thoughts...

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This is about the first man I ever had a crush on (that I realized for what it was), the choreographer for the school play last year.


The lines of your hands are clear
Elegant and definite
You gesture to the people listening attentively,
Your hands carve the substance of your words
Shaping pictures in the air in front of you,

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It Has a Core

Such a simple thing
seems so
It takes a sort of
a contemplation
of the fixation.
It eats at you,
working into your
There is nothing else
while all else
It does not fear
this thing called
nor does it
embrace it.
It isn’t hard to
glorify the
Rather easy to
abridge the
to make it

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How I Despise Thee

I tried writing a meaningful poem and came up with this instead

I hate you
Red squiggly line.
You make me realize
I’m wrong,
Even when
I’m not.
I stand firm to the idea
That ‘Strategery’
Is a word.

I especially hate you
Green squiggly line.
You are always wrong
And yet,
You try to correct me.
Fragmented thoughts are

I want to perforate you,

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Baron of Light,
King of Slay,
Forever to guide.
Your face,
under mask,
Such a rare and secret jewel.
As all are trained before
we know,
The light will always settle.
Just call upon,
if class is right,
Unless you’re lead astray.
A silhouette is seen
in radiance.
Forget the crowd,
for they’ll not care,
And gawk at true life’s troubles.
None remain,

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Untitled poem

*this entry has been deleted*

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I Felt Dysfunctional...

I'm not sure where this came from, but it's how I'm feeling tonight. It's not about anyone specific, just written to an impulse, a thought, I suppose.

The Masochist's Love Song

Use me, take what you want from me, then cast me away
Hurt me, tear me into pieces so I can finally let myself cry

I'll be whatever you want me to be
Any depraved creature of your twisted fancy

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Enigmatic, as you are

Masks of you
Are finding their way into my
I can’t
away from the way I feel about you.
I tried.
There’s just something
in that smile,
In your useless information,
In the way you
view the world.
It’s more…
It’s this feeling that I can’t
It’s in your blatant
The way you make me feel
When you’re around.
With you I feel better,

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Vagueness is key.
That is, of course
if you dream to be comprehensible.
Organic in fashion
Wrought of old
and new.
Customs binding,
lacking subtlety.
if nothing else.
Maddeningly simple.
Tastefully erotic.
The undulating agitation,
Taboo, such as all pleasures seem.
Sinister inequality.
Undeniably barbarian.
It creates a facet
of society –
a “Bohemian”

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Tirade of Oblivion

Salvation, my comrade
Is but form in the function of a word,
Which may be,
Or may not be,
Vague and unperceivable.
Raving, it’s explicable.
If you have reason to be unhappy,
It’s understandable.
If you have no reason to be unhappy,
It’s curable.
How we perceive happiness
Greatly affects our own,
Whether medicated or otherwise.
And yet it’s obligatory.

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I have no father anymore.

Lying, crying, dying.
I'm so sick of pretending
that I'm alright.
I'm not...
anything you wanted me to be.
Not pretty or worthy or happy,
in one piece, surviving.
Not even alive.
This body sports the battle scars
of every day in your house.
I'm so fucking dead inside
I don't even know how to feel.
I thought it would be hard
to find somebody I hated
more than myself.

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Don't Follow- Poem About AIDS

Inspired by this video:

Don't Follow

I want to let you in close to me

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