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Alone and Queer

I'm ready to cry. My partner's been in the hospital for too long and they're refusing to do the surgery. And I feel all alone here in my city in my queer, polyamorous, bdsm perspective.


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Fears and dangly things

Having gotten a PM from one of the members here, I started a small spiel on what was up... then hit the back button accidentally. Yay!

So I'll just write up a journal entry instead, lol.

Things to talk about are usually the things that are on the verge of change; nudges and curiousities, yanno?

I guess mine, at the moment, are...

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Today I realize that I'm with a dom transman; an intimate master in bed, a heart that beats in ways so human, a mind that is aware of its own ups and downs.

We're lucky to be, to have found each other. I'm in love and, juvenile as it is, that's all that matters in my life at this moment.

I'd better get my head together for my avocado and potato and golden beet salads this afternoon. Oy vey! School XD

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