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Gay Pride

Sooo.. going to Gay Pride next month in Swansea! So excited. Got my ticket.

Anyone else got a Pride day planned? x

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happy halloween

Happy Halloween Oasis!

So I've become sucked in to the Vampire Diaries books. This week I've finished the first four, now I'm on the fifth. I didn't like them at first, but they grew on me. I like series, it means more/bigger books and longer wordcounts! But it's hard to find good fantasy/science fiction series that I haven't already read.

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"I am a face of Pride!"

Lexington had its second annual Pride festival on Saturday, and boy, was it a sight to see! What seemed like thousands upon thousands of GLBT people and supporters descended upon Cheapside Park in the heart of downtown (though a few of them in the morning were looking for the Farmers Market - "Pride festival? You mean like GAY Pride?!")

The music was great. The design. All of the gay bars had excellent afterparties, discounts, etc.

Flowrider's Lexington Pride Highlights:

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So yeah. I went to the Gay Pride Parade at the capitol. the whole parade was really fun. I walked in the religious contingent, with other memebers of my church (including my mom), and I got invited to a methodist youth reconciling (protestant code for gay) camp-conference thingy (not really sure) in Colorado. Epic! And there were more spectators this year, which was good, but still not nearly enough. I think the highlight has to be with the anti-gay protesters. Sounds weird, yes I know, but stay with me.

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Pride week!

Pride week is coming within 40 days! Is everyone doing to the pride parade in different cities? I'm gonna volunteer at the toronto parade, so excited! ><

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We're at war.. we live like this

Something I wrote

We stand
lifting our hands
for rights
so far away
no one can see them yet
i run away
scared at night
because who i am
who i decide not to hide
is there open
ready for the attack
ready to die
ready to bring light on the cause
but tired
can't sleep
running away
from who i thought you would be
seems family isn't what it is cracked up to be

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Of Cooties, Jealousy, and Cookies.

I'm dating this girl named Jackie. I like her, and my feelings are growing. We were dating off and on for two weeks and had a 1 1/2 week break and then we started dating again.

I get so jealous because she talks about other girls AND guys all the time, and doesn't show me much affection. And when we're in public she pays more attention to everyone that's not me. I hate it.

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PRIDE!!! ^^

SQUEE! Heh. I went to pride yesterday. I had fun. ^^

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A mark, a yen, a buck or a pound....

Money makes za world go around! LOL Sorry I LOVE that movie (Cabaret)!!!!! so yeah what to talk about???

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Riga, Latvia prejudice

Sometimes it's like hitting your head against a brick wall. Every day there's some news story about yet another bunch of homophobes trying to destroy us.

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Ending the Hypocrisy

my own hypocrisy is ending.

this sounds really stupid, but i don't care. i was doing some myspace survey and it asked me what i had on my desktop. (it's a sexy picture of kate beckinsale from underworld....mmmmm....) and usually i wouldn't have said that, because i'm too afraid of exposing myself. i had a bad experience with too much exposure last year....

but i realized something. i fight for gay visibility and gay rights all day, but i don't apply them to myself for fear of losing my friends.

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