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Just Do It.

But I don't know if I can.
I think about how I could tell someone every day, every minute... But I can't. Half of my mind is yelling to just SAY IT. The other has caught my tongue in it's slimy, neural hold.

I know it has to happen eventually. Eventually. I hate that word, it makes it sound like it WILL happen. What if it doesn't?

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I only have a week before school so i really should be reading "pride and prejudice" right now. I have to read it over the summer for my English class and I've read 10 chapters out of 61. i can finish it by the 18th if i really really crack down and just do it, but obviously i haven't done that yet.

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Sweet victory! W00t!

The girl who was harrassing me and my friends last week got punished for it. (I wrote about this in my last journal entry, if you want to know the full story.) She got ISS, which stands for in-school suspension. Basically, instead of going to class and getting to talk to her friends, she had to stay in some room and do boring things. Yay!

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Strange dreams and stuff

I think I am totally just procrastinating by making this journal entry. I am supposed to be studying but I keep ending up on here. I have done everything to avoid what I actually should be doing today.

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