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Anyone transgender...

Hey, I'm back.
I'm doing a school project on the topic of transgender people, and I need an interview for it via e-mail. I'd like to be able to interview someone transgender who's accepted being transgender and can give me some good insight and info on the topic and a personal view on it. Private message me or reply here if you're willing to let me interview you for my research paper!!
Thanks guys : )

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Laramie Project

Last weekend I was in my school's production of the Laramie Project it was awesome. I mean I cried by the end of every show but it was amazing to be a part of. For those of you who don't know, Laramie Project is a play that is made from a collection of interviews with people of the town of Laramie Wyoming after the beating and death of Mathew Shephard in 1998 because he was gay.

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YAY! project finished!

YAY! ^^
im done with my C&B prject!
omg omg omg.
you all dont even know the extent of my happiness!
its worth 300 points and i have been stressing about it for like.... 3 weeks.
and its finally done!
thanks maggie!
she gave me the idea.
elle wont pick up her phone.

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*keels over* first draft for Hear Me Project....constructive criticism is muchly needed....


"Make a wish baby, make a wish on the shooting star."

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Photography Project; Teen Homosexuality.

Yup thats my project. well actually its Teen Homosexuality in Hawaii. yeah i wish it was worldwide and i could do this whole cool photojournalism thing on teen homosexuality all over the world...that'd be really coo and interesting to take pictures and have interviews with teens all over about being LGBTQ.

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My favorite Place

OMG. i sooooooo forgot about this lol. 'cause for photography class i was supposed to send this to my teacher and i just wrote it now...and i HOPE i HOPE SOOOOOO BAD that she likes it and changes my grade. i didn't finish my pictures and we were supposed to write an essay too, but i got lazy so now i'm getting an i hope that this essay changes her mind. what do you think?;

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