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Teen Problems

Dear Journal,

To a lot of high school students our final year must go out with a bang-whether that means getting a whole new wardrobe, showing a side that people never thought to have seen of you or getting a date for all the social events that are going on that graduating students would most definitely want to take part in. Now, the main problem is that although it’s nice to go to these events with your closest friends and create the best of memories with them, a small part of me wishes that I do that with a potential partner.

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ACLU Complaint Takes On “Decoy” Prom For Mississippi Lesbian Student

New Information Revealed In Constance McMillen Case

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At prom, I must play straight

This is going to sound really stupid, but it's been driving me mad and I'd really like some advice.

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Anyone else worried about Prom?

I'm really worried about prom, despite how I'm only in grade 11.

The thing is, theres basically NO out gay guys in my school. (Well theres 1, but he's both taken, and he isn't my type AT ALL)

I'm just worried that come prom I'll be watching all of my friends enjoying themselves with there dates, and that I'll just be off on the side line lonely. I haven't even dated a guy before >_>

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I smiled, the desperation slithering through my bicuspids like muck and nuclear waste, filling my face with that stomach-turning expression of need, "Come to prom with me," I tried to keep the pleading to a minimum, "it'll be fun, I swear. It won't even be a date, just the two of us, coming as friends?"

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A mark, a yen, a buck or a pound....

Money makes za world go around! LOL Sorry I LOVE that movie (Cabaret)!!!!! so yeah what to talk about???

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