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explaining why pronouns are important

I've been out to my mother as genderqueer/FTM femme for about 3 months and we've been talking about it quite a lot, but she still refuses to use my preferred pronouns.
In our last talk, I finally set it as a boundary for me.

"I can tell you're trying to help me, and that you're trying to understand and that's awesome. But if you want to help me, this is how to do it. I really do need you to call me by either "he" or "they". It's not just a want, it's a need".

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Question About Pronoun Changes

Okay, so here's a question for any folk out there who've requested a pronoun change: so I've got a friend who's biologically female and presents as pretty androgynous... He's trans (or some variation thereof) and not OUT OUT in that he doesn't attempt to pass, just dresses a little boyishly, and he doesn't go by a male name and/or announce his pronoun choice when you meet him, but a few hours after he met me he mentioned that he doesn't like female pronouns, and when I asked, he said he'd like me to use male pronouns.

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