Prop 8

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National Protest against Prop 8?

This is a Facebook event I found:

And the corresponding website:

If you don't want to follow the links right now, they concern a protest against Prop 8 someone seems to be organizing, to be held on the steps of city halls nationwide on November 15 (that's this Saturday), 1:30 EST.

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Sad Sad Day

It makes me sad that my first journal entry will be a sad one. But really, what choice do I have? Prop 8 has been passed, and there is now a constitutional ban on same-sex marrages.

I've cried so much today.
I cried myself to sleep last night, and I woke up crying.
I quietly cried quietly through health.
I cried through math, and through english I cried still.

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We Are All Disappointed About Prop 8, but...

...don't forget that gay marriage is now legal in Connecticut (and of course Massachusetts). Here's a story about it:

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November 4th, 2008: A Historic Night for All Americans…oh, unless you’re gay

All Americans should congratulate our new President-elect Barack Obama. While it is no secret that I was not a supporter, I can certainly appreciate the enormous historic nature of having the first African-American elected as President of the United States. Obama's victory speech was eloquent and soaring, filled with both hubris and magnanimity in just the right doses.

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As many of you may know already, Prop 8 is a right-wing sponsored proposal that would eradicate gay marriage in California by constitutional amendment. This is an effort spearheaded by the religious right, and many moderate Republicans are fighting against it. LCR (Log Cabin Republicans) has created two more ads to help defeat this bigoted and unamerican proposal.

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