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Teen Problems

Dear Journal,

To a lot of high school students our final year must go out with a bang-whether that means getting a whole new wardrobe, showing a side that people never thought to have seen of you or getting a date for all the social events that are going on that graduating students would most definitely want to take part in. Now, the main problem is that although it’s nice to go to these events with your closest friends and create the best of memories with them, a small part of me wishes that I do that with a potential partner.

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I identify as queer or Androgyne. There was a time I identified as trans. Adrogyne is a name my fiancé gave me to accommodate my female body and masculine mindset and outward expression. (In other words I'm a total "dyke") I prefer the term Androgyne or boi. I'd like to know what everyone else out there identifies as. Are you Queer, gay, ally (friend of gays that is straight), fag hag, fag stag, lesbian, les lover (the male equivalent to lezzies as a femaleis to gay people, aka fag hag), boi, queen, FTM, MTF?
And, why do you identify that way?

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Queer Playlist

So yeah. What songs would you put on the ultimate queer playlist?

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LGBT Book List

I've been on a bit of LGBTQ book rant thing. These are the good ones I've found with the help of my friend Matthew:

"How They Met And Other Stories" - David Levithan

"Realm of Possibilities" - David Levithan

"Boy Meets Boy" - David Levithan

"Kissing Kate" - Lauren Myracal

"Keeping You A Secret" - Julia Anne Peters

"Far From Xandu" - Julia Anne Peters

"Grl2Grl" - Julia Anne Peters

"A Vigil For Joe Rose: Stories of Being Out in Highschool" - Michael Whatling

"Dare Truth or Promise" - Paula Boock

"The Rainbow Road Series" - Alex Sanchez

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Join my site....Please!

Now I don't give out free bowls of soup or anything for joining; but I will offer the following list in return:

1. Video updates, some of which will be funny and some of which are meant to inform.

2. Blog updates pertaining to current LGBT issues that have sparked a general interest in me and should be shared with others; and blog posts that are of little to no relevancy to the LGBT community but are of interest to me and deserve to be shared.

3. An updated "Links of interest" section which shares links to sites within the LGBT community that I have found to be helpful.

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Heyy everyone just a Heads Up and FYI
if you want the best queer related books in toronto but arent in the mood to go buying everybook that looks good, the Toronto public library is the place:P
well not all of then are all that organised but the North York Central Library has A queer section totally worth checking out. its st the North Yorke centre Station(subway wise) right neer Mel Lestmen square (sp?)

anyway so thats where i find my best books so thought id share.

Oh So yeah another thing what are your Favorite Queer slanted Books So far?!!

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Outlet info

Outlet services. All our groups are free, confidential and drop in.

Connections every Monday night from 7-9pm. This group is only for lgbtqq youth 13-20.
HYPE! - HIV Youth Prevention Education the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month from 6:30-8:30pm.
De Ambiente for young latinos, mostly spanish speaking, every 1st and 3rd Friday of the month from 4-6pm.

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Introducing Outlet

I am new to Oasis and just bopping around to see what it is like. I am the assistant director of Outlet, a queer youth program in Mountain View, CA. We have services such as in-person discussion groups, movie nights, counseling and HIV/AIDs education available for free for youth 13-20. So I thought it was important to have a face on this site. I am also excited just to see it here!!

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a wise introduction

sometimes no one ever really understands what it means to be me. there are many labels i adhere to... i just sometimes don't understand why they all have to be separate. i tend to write in all lowercase letters as its easier for me to get out my writing. unless its like my name or something important that needs to be uppercase.

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Intorducing The Queer Love Project

Hi All,

I just started The Queer Love Project (http://queerlove.wordpress.com/). I was hoping you would be able to take a look and give this new idea some needed publicity if you like the idea. Here is some information on the project:

What do you think of http://outSMACK.com ?

It's amazing I'm going to tell all my friends to join!
11% (1 vote)
It Pretty cool I think I'll sign up!
22% (2 votes)
It's ok...
11% (1 vote)
Not really my thing...
44% (4 votes)
11% (1 vote)
Total votes: 9
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Gay Dates 2007

Hey all =]

I was wondering, could we compile a list of all the important queer dates of 2007?

Example- Pride Week, Day Of Silence etc?

I just figured it'd be a good idea.
And...I havn't got much of a clue myself, hehe.

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Labels. Who needs 'em?!

Well. I'd better introduce myself since I've kinda been an invisible member of oasis.
Meaning I'd visit every day. Read posts and journals and just not log in or comment or anything else.
Quite embarrassing really =]

Well. For almost a year I've considered myself to be bi.
Not fad bi.
Not fashionably bi.
Not 'in between' bi.
But actually quite assured and happy with my Bisexuality.

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