Queer Characters

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River scene

I've started to read the Pretty Little Liars books. I'm more than half way through the first one and it's actually quite good. It's interesting to see the changes they made for the TV show. But I really wish that they had included this one Emily/Maya scene cause it was awesome. It reminded me a bit of Emily and Naomi's scene from Skins where they go to the lake/creek or whatever, but minus the drugs and love making. Hee.

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Pretty Little Liars

I just watched the very first episode of Pretty Little Liars. I thought I'd give it a shot since I heard that one of the main girl characters is supposed to be queer. Plus, I like a little mystery and I like the premise of the show.

Emily's the cutest to me and I don't mind her secret at all XD

Aria's is the juiciest one I think. It should be interesting how they play that out.

I like Spencer and her secret. Except SoN totally owns that name!

The only one who doesn't seem to have much going is Hanna. Though, I liked what she did at the beginning. Sunglasses! lol.

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