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How can I get out of the closet?

I'm stuck in the closet because I'm still kind of questioning. I've been trying to get out of the questioning phase since I was fourteen. I am almost eighteen now.

I tried to come out as gay when I was fourteen, but no one believed me. That made me very confused so I started identifying as bi.

I came out as bi and people were more willing to believe that. I regret coming of as bi because I don't really think I'm bi anymore. I think a lot of my "attraction" to guys was just anxiety.

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Questioning Transgender

Hi. I am new here. I am in the process of figuring out if I'm Transgender or not. I have as long as I can remember wanted to be called he instead of she. In my senior year at high school I made this shirt that said on it "Please ask me about my pronoun preference" I love wearing it. When I am asked what my pronoun preference is by my professors I say he. They often ask me if I want them to call me by that pronoun in class. I say it's up to them since I don't want to distract or make other students feel uncomfortable. I am wondering if I should say yes to it instead.

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Need some advice...

I'm still questioning my sexuality, I don't know if I'm bi-sexual or a lesbian. Another thing it makes me feel lost, like I don't know who I am. So the point of this post is if I can get advice on helping me discover who I am. Or just advice in general. And this is what I mean by I feel lost:

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Confused about sexuality

Hi, I'm new to this site and this is my first post. I've been questioning my sexuality since I was seven. I've never had any crushes on any boys before but I think I've had a crush on a girl before. I thought about her all the time and enjoyed spending time with her. She's also really cute. I've gotten nervous around her before. She's likes another girl so I'm trying to get over this "crush" or whatever this is. Gay porn really turns me on, but lesbian porn doesn't really turn me on. Am I lesbian, bi or straight?

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Confused and need help


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Life Goes On....Right?

So ive been bi for a full year almost. I remember when i first admitted it to myself. And here i am. Living a wonderful life with loving family and friends. But does tht really mean the worst is over? I dont knw exactly but u knw wat? I think im strong enuff for anything tht comes my way. Im stronger than i was last year. Bring it on world!

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A huge amount of confusion.

I'm really not sure what I'm experiencing right now. This journal is a good place to document my feelings, though.

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I don't even know

I don't even know what I'm doing here; I just discovered this site today, but it looks like a lot of kids not all that different from me write a lot of stuff here that may be crap or may actually be kind of meaningful, so I'm willing to give it (whatever 'it' is) a shot without worrying too much about clogging up the Internet with my irrelevant musings.

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Coming Myself

It's been a year since I really began to realize I wasn't straight. It's been utter chaos since then. I've called myself bi, questioning, pansexual, and everything in between. Sometimes I'm sure I'm lesbian, sometimes I know I'm straight, when I think about it I think I must be bi.

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Wats yer opinion on bisexuals?? I went out w/ one and it seemed she was really unsure of wat she wanted, personally I don't think there is such a thing.Yer either gay or straight...but then again there are people that are curious and questioning so what fuck????? any bisexuals wanna inform me ?????

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Introducing Outlet

I am new to Oasis and just bopping around to see what it is like. I am the assistant director of Outlet, a queer youth program in Mountain View, CA. We have services such as in-person discussion groups, movie nights, counseling and HIV/AIDs education available for free for youth 13-20. So I thought it was important to have a face on this site. I am also excited just to see it here!!

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Oy. Down the confusion road again.

So I know I like women. Some women. Haven't met one right one yet, or anything. I don't even like stereotypical beauty, but I have liked women for a long, long time.

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teacher crushes!

well, ive always thought that i was lesbian...ive never had crushes on the opposite sex...until now.
not only is he a male, not only is he over 25, hes my chemistry teacher!

hes sexy, handsome, knows how to make me smile and laugh and he is so intelligent...thats a real turn on for me.

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Rocky Horror, Questioning, Spring Awakening

I'm a phantom in Rocky Horror, it's so exciting! The cast looks great and rehearsals start TOMORROW!!!

The downside? I can't register for dance class :-( my mom has to go do it. Uch... A little miffed about that.

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Variety Is The Spice Of Life

Heh, I love how the first two topics on the forum list right now are 'Buddhism' and 'PORN!'.

Now, on to other things. Last night I had a dream. It went something like this.

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Questioning my sexuality? I thought I was done with that.

I don't feel like elaborating too much...

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What Wouldn't I Give For A GSA In My Community....

Seriously....I wish this effing city had a GSA...if it doesn't already. But, I'm pretty involved in the community already, and I haven't heard anything about one....In fact, the only time I can ever think of my community bringing up GLBT issues was when the Parliament was trying to decide whether to legalize gay marriage in Canada or not....I'm surprised that no one's stepped up and said, "Hey, man, we need a GSA here, for the community of *city's name here*!"

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