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My Novel

Hey does anyone want me to share my book I am writing on here. The reason I ask is I do want people's opinions and constructive criticism if they are willing to give it. I was only going to post it up in small pieces that come in order, so it won't be an overwhelming amount of reading :D

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so i was thinking

so i was wondering something. if i were to have a crush on a gay man, would that make me homosexual times two? because i really don't like the term bisexual. not that its a bad thing or anything. i think im more a queer transperson than anything.

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Interesting Discussion.

In Biology the other day we started a new unit on Genetics. Which lead to a very interesting discussion. You can always count on Catherine to ask the weirdest questions in the most hilarious way and have it turn into a fourty-five minute conversation/distraction.

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Wow, I am just bored today...

I feel a little silly for asking these questions, but this is a blog thingy so, I suppose this is an appropriate place to post these burning questions I have for myself. Well, the questions are "who am I really?" and "why am I unable to understand myself?" These are questions that I've placed in the back of my mind and haven't attempted to answer.

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T.S.S.C.O.P (The 'Scouting for a Safe Coming Out' Project)

Recently, I have been dying to tell someone about my sexuality, and just get it off my chest. (No offense, Oasis, I love you all.) I have formulated a 'plan' if you will, to see if I could possibly do this without being:
a.) Being murdered by family
b.) Being deserted/murdered by old friends
c.) Being murdered by strangers while at school

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