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Rainbow Veins ((a piece of my song))

you say im confused,
but i know who i am,
you say im to young,
but you just dont understand,
the fact that this is me,
all im ever gunna be,
and your trippin,
if your hopein,
that i'll re-asign myself,
to make you feel confortable,
this is unacceptable,
that in a world wishin for "peace"
that you cant take the minute
to listen to me,
a voice of a million,
trying to be heard,
the fact that your killin,
is beyond absurd,
equality at reach,
but you just wont listen,
the point of the fact,
is just what your missin,
"gay rights"
its as simple as that,
just like womans,

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I have editing problems...

So yeah. I went to the mall with my gay friend B. It was awesome as usual. He's awesome and I'm awesome so yeah. We go together like two peas in a pod (not like that). If were to try and fuck each other, it would be like that one episode of Will and Grace where they are trying to get pregnant. Awkward!

Edit: I bought rainbow socks today at Claire's. (I forgot to tell you guys that).

Anyways. I might be attracted to my bro's friend Z. I don't know though. For some reason, I'm always attracted to assholes when it comes to guys (well maybe just recently at least). Bad boyz : )

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Rainbow Paper Bracelet

I sit here, coloring.
I feel like a preschooler, working intently at drawing something seemingly meaningless. Yet, everything means something to a preschooler. Anything from a drawing of the sun to the day they graduate from college.

My rainbows mean the world. I follow the pattern, think of the colors, and dream of the future. I write a poem on the back, and tape the ends together.

My paper rainbow bracelet.

It's too late. I should be asleep.
But I need to finish. I can't leave this for tomorrow, it has to be done now. When only my eyes can see it.

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rainbow paraphenalia

So, i've started collecting rainbow paraphenalia since i wont have to hide it from my parents anymore. my collection includes:
~a lighter (i dont smoke...i just like fire XD)
~a belt
~a hat
~a patch for my messenger bag

anyone got some good ones i can look for? i dont really like hello kitty stuff, but anything else will be fine XD

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The God/dess of Fortune Cookies

So perhaps there is a Higher Power....
After getting a fortune cookie for lunch that says "THE TREASURES OF THE RAINBOW WILL SOON BE YOURS, " who can deny that the beyond is sending them messages?
I have concluded that someone with connections in heavenly places
A) is out to get me
B) works at a fortune cookie factory
P.S. Fortune cookies are exceedingly tasty.

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