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Introducing myself (and ranting a little)

My name is Emily, and I'm new to this forum (obviously) so I thought that I should introduce myself. I'm 15 and I'm somewhere in the spectrum between bi and lesbian (don't know where but I know I'm there) I stumbled across here about a week ago, due to a string of links, starting from a Google page. I've been reading, a lot, and I decided that I'd like to be a part of this wonderful little cyber family, if you will let me.

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I feel like a prude most of the time.
But I also sometimes feel whore-ish.

My reasoning?

I am a VIRGIN!!!!! And most of my friends are not. But, I have done everything except for have sex with a guy. I've done everything with a girl also. So, therefore, I feel prudeish and whoreish all at the same time. I freaking hate it.

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That Empty Feeling...

Another day, half a pack of cigarettes congesting my lungs. A holiday, nevertheless. Food, family, fun... Fantastic fireworks. Lots of "F"s, you know.

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Explain to me why life can't be simple. Why things can't go on a calm streak. Why life cannot just for once, flow smoothly. Why do I have to be constantly ripped apart?

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Argh. Family Is Frustrating

Okay, this just bothers me:

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