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Let Me Introduce Myself...Again

Thought I should write you guys a letter before i jump back into commenting on your posts. It's long. I know. All my letters are long. I'm a writer. Writing is what I do. Just read it and hush up.

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Not 16- A Call for Help!

Hi. My name isn't Gabby but I am 21. However, my parents insist on treating me like a sixteen year-old (and I suppose I let them). I am not rebellious. I love my parents. I appreciate everything they have done for me (and that's a lot). It's difficult for me to break away. It's kind of like our family is a living organism and each person in the family is a vital organ or vessel. All the organs and vessels are connected and twisted around each other. If one separates from the rest...the organism dies (and I imagine a horrible tortuous death). I don't want to cause this.

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I can has Journal (again)?

Hi, I'm not sure if anyone remembers me; it's been 9 months since I last posted! So re-introduction...
Name: I used to go by kaleigh (ew) on here, but I'm identifying as ftm now, so it's Kyle
Pronouns: Male
Grade: Junior
Age: 15

A lot has happened since I last posted (most of it depressing, sorry) so I'll just put into a list some of the major things that are worth mentioning.

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literally years

Literally years since I've written properly here. Bizarre. Not bizarre - predictable. I went rogue for a while and printed a paper zine instead. I think I needed to see concrete paper evidence that I could produce something for an audience. For a while, I couldn't do both.

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