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My realization

Since I got out of a relationship with a fiance I had for 4 years, i've been hooking up with random women to fill the empty void in my heart. i've forgotten how to care and respect a women. i would only use the women who were worth something to stick around and who cared for me to get to the next women i would cheat with. i was becoming, and stilll am, really a worthless piece of shit. but then one night i couldnt stop the thoughts in my mind from taking over and i allowed myself to hear what my head had tried to tell me many times.

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Yesterday I saw her.
She was pretty.
Just like the baby picture Myke has of me,
just.... More 3d.

Except my eyes were greener,
Kates, a mixture of blue and gray.
I have green.
And her hose tips up a tiny tiny bit,
so it's barely noticable.

Her hands reach for everything they see,
she laughs, and gigles,
and smiles
like theres nothing bad in the world,

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