Red Dead Redemption

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True Blood and Pretty Little Liars

I got Red Dead Redemption today! Yay! I bought it used for $40, quite a deal. I can no longer bring myself to pay the full ($70!) price for games. It took me a couple of weeks, but I found one. So far I've played some of the single player as well as the multiplayer free roam. I actually rather like the free roaming, I just hid behind some rocks and took people out while they were zooming past me on their horses. Hehe. It was fun XD

I'm getting the first season of True Blood from my library tomorrow, so I can finally see what all the fuss is about.

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Red Dead Redemption & D.E.B.S

Anybody played Red Dead Redemption? Is it all it's cracked up to be? I've heard it's really good, so now I'm thinking of getting it. I like the idea of the multiplayer mode where you get to just ride around on your horses with your buddies and raise hell or, you know, do some good :P

I've been at my sister's house for the past week watching her dogs. Now while everybody's asleep I'm thinking of watching D.E.B.S if I can find it online w/ fairly good quality....

I don't even know why I thought of it, but now I really want to watch it.

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