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It's kind of like dementors...

It's kind of like dementors were just passing through. Like they didn't stick around long enough to engender fear and absolute misery, just long enough to suck all the happiness from me and leave me vaguely blue. I haven't been blue like this for a while. For a while I've just been kind of 'meh,' or worried, or confused, or pensive, or even, sometimes, a little bit happy. Not now, though.

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For some reason I find weekends oddly depressing now. Maybe it's just all the time I have with no excuse to hide in my little nerd-cave being unsociable. Homework is the usual excuse, but I can't ever pretend I have a whole weekend's worth of it.

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My only significant closet door has been opened...

It was, I think, on Wednesday evening that I finally acted on the thought that had been nagging the back of my mind for a while, which thought being that I really needed to come out to my female friend, whom I shall codename Regi, now that I know for sure that I'm not straight.

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