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firefly crimes

There was too much power
in the air when we met.
It tasted like salt and
stuff little boys are made of;
plastic yellow and blue cars,
candy wrappers and lined paper.
You wrapped a hand around
the back of my neck,
made me feel the warmth
of sex and freedom;
hard kisses under a streetlamp,
in front of a church
just for the sake of showing
how bad-ass we were.

Oh boy, what did I get myself into?
Another evening of misdemeanors with you,
burning scrapes on my spine,
pink t-shirts and car doors slamming as we
ran into the birthday glitter

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I've Got the Blues :(

Ok, my name is Emily, and I have the blues. The deep down, navy blues to be exact. I have almost come to the conclusion that I'm gay. But no one knows this. At all. No one even suspects it. I was in a committed relationship with a guy for two years. And on the surface, we were a perfect couple. But, I just could not make myself like him as anything other than a friend. I just don't desire guys in "that way". Just the though of "consumating" a relationship with a guy makes me want to gag! But I feel totally different about girls! The big problem is: I live in Mississippi.

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Do I really want a gender change?

Have you every thought, "I want a sex change...or do I?"

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Setting in

I don't know, lately I've been missing my ex. However the more I think about it, I'm not necessarily missing her but the concept of her. When I was with her I had that confidence of knowing "Hey I have a girlfriend, and she digs me.

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Hi, I'm back now I guess. Whether it be for one reason or another I'll be writing on oasis again at least for a little while.

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It's official.

I have a boyfriend :o

I think I've mentioned him before in my journal but that was probably back when we met in this nightclub like last year or whenever. Well anyway we like saw each other for awhile recently and then he told me he wanted to tell people I was his boyfriend, and I was like, well I don't see a problem with that lol. And there you have it.

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