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spells & homo's

well, well, well children ^^ i was sitting so lonely perched on my ominous throne(computer chair), when a thought; yes a thought, so gently entered my mind.... hehehe How many of you on here, are pagan??? wiccan, shamanistic, alchemists, high priest/priestess', solitary practitioners, sages, white witches, or flat out black magic bitches ^^ im seriously curious to know who here on oasis is, or if im the only one. so let me know, dont be shy :3

and always remember; theres no "i" in "pie" except for the "i"but enough about numbers heres a music video


My Daughter Just Told Me She Is Gay?1

I am a Foster Parent to a 14 year old girl. She has been in my and my husband's care for almost 6 months now... we love her very much :)

My daughter has to go to weekly therapy sessions, because of things that happened in her biological mothers home. As I was picking her up recently from therapy, her Therapist pulled me to the side. She told me that my daughter revealed to her that she was a LESBIAN!!

I was (am) in complete shock! Well... we did suspect that she was Gay, because of her masculine dress and ways... but to hear it confirmed... we are just torn about this.

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Anyone just want to talk about religious things and how they affect people. In my opinion, christians are against LGBT and its having a huge impact on me.

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The Process of Belief

Agnostics claim to have no belief in any religion. Most Agnostics have a viewpoint similar to Atheists, but they just don't realize it. A typical agnostic would say something like this. "I believe it is impossible to know" but agnostics claim no beliefs on the matter. As soon as an agnostic claims to believe something; they are no longer agnostic. I have seen a pattern form in how people come to decisions on the matter of Religions, Agnosticism, and Atheism.

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Oy Vey, I'm Jewish and Gay

Well, Where do I start? I'm 15, Gay, a Jew in a house of Baptists, a Liberal living in the Conservative world, and I'm the only one of the 4 gay kids I know who seem to struggle. They're so free and boundless, running around with their boyfriends and girlfriends without a care in the world, while I stay alone, desperate for someone to notice me, and bear the burdens of being a complete outsider from the southern society which surrounds me. I think I'm a decent human being, I don't hurt people, I like to laugh, I'm nice, but is that enough?

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Which Religion should you follow

Religion Flowchart Pictures, Images and Photos

I got atheist. lol.

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Poem- I Can't see your Face

I Stop I drop I roll

And still I want to know

Why can't I see your face

Why can't I feel your grace

I want to believe in you

and yet I cannot do

the things you ask of me

I do not think I see

I feel so lonely now

I cannot see the sun

This ever-lasting

bleakness that overrides the moon

It seeps into my skin

It reflects to me my sin

I want to see your face

I want to see your grace

I'm lost and cannot see

these chains are binding me

I wait to be set free

and yet I will not be

I wish to know you're there

but I can't be unfair

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An interesting proposition. Shall I put down my pride and accept?

I have been having an ongoing conversation with a classmate, who is trying to convince me of the logicality of Islam (Which is pronounced Iss-lamb, apparently). She assures me that the religion makes more sense than Christianity (The religion that has burned me so), and that I would be welcomed to the religion. She has offered to bring Muslim Apologetics for me to read, and I think I will.

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I Dream of Deity

God came to me in a dream and said,
“Hey Greg, have you ever realized
that only crazy people are blessed with visions of me?”

I said, “Why, yes God, that is true, if only for the fact
That the people you choose to contact fail to realize that
Your presence is but a dream.” I said as several pink
flamingos flew by my head.

God expressed a great, booming laugh, “That is why I have come
to you, my child. I wish for you to partake in everyday deeds and relish in
the triviality of it.”

I pondered aloud, “God told me to buy some groceries.”

A Jihad For Love: DVD Review

By Jeff Walsh

As it starts, "A Jihad For Love" has a familiar feeling for anyone who's ever seen movies about issues of sexuality and spirituality. We learn that the only reference to homosexuality in the Qur'an is about Sodom and Gomorrah. And that, though not part of the Qur'an, several Hadith (sayings attributed directly to Muhammad) directly condemn homosexuality. So, we're in familiar ground here, in a debate that continues about how to rectify sexuality and spirituality.

From the beginning, if you interchanged the words Qur'an and Bible, it would seem to make a lot of the same arguments with which many Americans are familiar. But as the film plays on, the familiarity washes away. People are imprisoned. Their backs bearing the marks of 100 bloody lashes. They leave their home and wait as refugees seeking asylum from a country they love, families they miss, and a religion that is still an important and meaningful part of their lives.

Muslim filmmaker Parvez Sharma isn't out to poke holes in Islam, or quote scripture back and forth with scholars (in fact, every scholar in the movie without fail just says homosexuality is wrong). But he is clearly interested in showing the depth of purpose that many gay Muslims feel, and the disconnect that causes with their culture. Sharma is also showing many sides of Islam, but none resembling the Al Qaeda caricature we usually see.

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If you have any issue what so ever with religion or the people who preach it this may interest you

I think this is an awesome song about the ridiculous of religion and the people that preach it. I'd say give the video/song a chance:

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Up All Night...Again

Okay I just sat up all night writing my response to chey's "confused..." post. I think I did a pretty goood job of it, though I did get a bit long-winded. It's the drawback of being both a writer AND a history nut, I think.

Now I have to get my ass to sleep, cuz my eyes are about to melt.

Nitey nite all. Hugs.

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I said this on the Prayers for Bobby post, but just so everyone knows, the person who opened an account and spewed that hateful, homophobic pseudo-religious shit has been deleted, along with his/her vile comment. This site welcomes many different points of view, but hatred and intolerance are not among them. Anyone who runs across one of these people again, please PM either me or Jeff, okay?

Camp Out: DVD Review

By Jeff Walsh

"Camp Out" is a documentary that follows a handful of gay Christian teens attend the first summer camp exclusively designed for them. Many of the teens feel pulled between the gay community and the God community, with each demonizing the other on a regular basis.

All of the kids are in their mid- to late-teens, and out to their parents. One of the girl's mother was very enthusiastic about the notion of a summer camp where her daughter could explore both spirituality and sexuality.

"You can have both those two together? That's awesome!" she says.

Like any reality show or documentary, narratives begin to form between the kids. There are crushes, friendship, bonds, and situations in which people aren't uncomfortable. This ranges from gay guys who aren't very comfortable doing sports activities to one of the boys feeling uncomfortable by a game of Truth or Dare.

Chad Allen: Interview

By Jeff Walsh

Chad Allen has a lot on his plate.

His latest entries to the Donald Strachey gay detective movies, "On The Other Hand, Death" and "Ice Blues," the third and fourth installments, are being released soon.

"Save Me," the movie he produced with Robert Gant and Judith Light, comes to theaters in September.

And, at present, he's finishing up a successful run of a play with Valerie Harper as Talullah Bankhead. But he's no stranger to theater, recently doing Douglas Carter Beane's "Little Dog Laughed," which required him to get naked onstage.

But what's most surprising is that for how long he's been out and doing good work as an actor, activist, and role model, this is his first interview in Oasis. This oversight is officially corrected.

I first remember Chad from his role on "Our House" in 1986 (yeah, yeah, you weren't born yet, I get it) when he was only 12 (and in the business for seven years at that point). He later went on to a regular role on "Dr. Quinn: Medicine Woman."

In 1996, when he was 21, photos of him kissing a guy in a hot tub appeared in The Globe tabloid. They were sold to the rag by Allen's then-boyfriend (I'd never heard that tidbit before, but Wikipedia doesn't lie).

He waited until 2001 to officially come out, and has since been very open about his past partying and drug addiction, his spiritual journey, and his new role as: an openly gay activist, an actor doing great work, and and "old fogie" who’s more interested in hanging out at home with his boyfriend and dogs.

I bring up his past both to give context to some of what we talk about in the interview, but mainly because in "Save Me," his character starts as a drug-addicted party boy who cleans up to find love and a better life, which (aside from the ex-gay ministry setting), seems to touch on Allen's own journey, as well.

Chad and I spoke on the phone last week. Here's what we said:

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Introduction, sort of

Let's see.. just in case someone is actually reading this, I'll take the time to introduce myself.. Well firstly, my name is Alicia. Funny thing about my name: one's pronounced like "Aleesha" and the other is pronounced like "Aleesia." My name's pronounced like the second one. What else?

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Sometimes it's the athiests that annoy me

If you know me you know that religion has never played a large role in my life. It's never been part of whatever I've been trying to do with my life and I've never seen the need for it. Over the course of my life, I've met people who feel the same. We don't feel we need religion and haven't tried to. Some of them have tried out different religions and realized that none of them work out.

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my family, homosexuality, and regilion

I read one of the forum topics on here discussing how your family reacted to one's coming out especially from a religious up bringing. So I thought I would share my experiences. But please note, by no means in any way shape or form, am I an authority or do I consider myself an authority with regards to issues of homosexuality or religion or any combination of the two.

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Religion Rambles.

I've noticed that, on this site and in the gay community in general, people are, in general, incredibly, seriously against religion.

But, as much as I hate to say it, I don't think it will ever fade.

And when I think about something to hard, I tend to write about it.
And that's what I did.
Feel free to write as many angry comments as you want.


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Soft Blur

People never comment on my poetry and that makes me sad :(

Many a night I fall awake
Under the weight of this world.
Not until that world would quake
Had this scroll of dreams unfurled.
What is this poison, them or me?
What have I done for this pain?
So different, am I, for that I see
Will never grasp the rain.

Fear not, my love, so pure, my dear,
He cannot see, he cannot feel.

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