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i'm back....

yeah, I know I'm horrid about updating but my comp got thrown down the stairs and then the guy who threw it went into a diabetic coma and died two days later.... as you can tell, my life is just one big mess of Charlie-Foxtrot-ted-ness right now.... since I've last posted, I've....

~gotten a job
~had far too many cups of tea in 7 days than is healthy for anyone but an English dowager
~had my computer thrown down 3 sets of stairs, thus making the screen crack'd from side to side
~had a haircut that made me look like ringo starr
~was in a band for two weeks

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It Was the Worst of Times. Now It's the Best of Times...

Things have changed for a hugely fundamental way. I can't really explain without a long, involved story, but it has to do with something many of you know about - a certain...guy. Let's just say that this heretofore missing ghost returned a couple foggy nights ago, and we had some very encouraging words.

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