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The stupid cab driver RIPPED US OFF!!

So I'm in mexico (Puerto Vallarta) right now, and my brother and I were looking at stuff across town in the gay section (yay). But then we had to go home, and there was this cab, which we were looking for, and the guy signaled for us to get in. So we got in, and started to talk money, and he said 10$. We knew he was ripping us off there, so we got it down to 8 (not much better). Pesos, we decided, would be cheaper. He said, 150 pesos. Not right- the exchange rate is 13 pesos per dollar. So that is 46 pesos over 8$.

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I went to go get my permit today. It didn't go so well. They refused to change my name on my ID saying they wouldn't put a male name on a female ID. So mom said just change it to male like we want...that didn't go over well. Mom and the lady fought and there was lots of yelling of penis and vagina. We got asked to leave after the wonderful me started crying. So that was the better part of my day.

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