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Overdue and Past Pregnant... With Loveleboy

Well this is overdue, although I somehow haven't felt the compulsion to come-a-typing for the past week or more, despite some lurvely events that have come to pass. Ok, I think "lurv" on paper looks funny/decent, but really try to say it out loud and *voila* stupidity!

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Collect Call from Lovelyboy, Will You Accept the Charge?

So. Today. Not long ago. Lovelyboy called me from Rome. It is/was apparently getting near to lunchtime and he is/was going for brunch and he had my number and he called on a whim.


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My Call for a Kiss-and-Tell

Well, within the past week I managed to commandeer Lovelyboy's phone number. So last night I plucked up some energy, courage and the incentive of that LOVELY cheek kiss and dialed.

I had actually called earlier but got the answering machine, this time I got a human being though.

Me: "Hello, is Lovelyboy there? "
Papa Lovelyboy: "Yes, may I ask who's calling?"

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