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Of an old friend

I just remembered this and I think it is worth mentioning. I had a friend through all of middle school called Will. We were best friends, and he was my only friend here who's ever been to my house. Well, I've known him for a long time, so maybe that's why I've never noticed this, but a couple of my friends say that he's a flaming closet gay. This was sort of a shock to me, for some reason (maybe because he's said some homophobic stuff). Anyway, in 7th grade, there were rumors that we were more than friends.

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SNOW IN OCTOBER! and other stuffs.

So today it snowed...

In October...

In New York...

What the fuck?

>Whatever. Well let me start off with the fact that someone tried to start a rumour about me. I have no idea what that's trying to accomplish?... Maybe they knew I'd have a super bad headache yesterday and today and wanted to get me even more pissed off?
>I got a new phone, being that my old one's screen broke... well it's my :)
>I got the chocolate banana pop tart things, they're pretty good heated up :D

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