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Anyone Else Want to Try Their Hand at Sci-Fi or Fantasy Writing?

Hi Guys!

Sadly, I had a couple of people drop out of the Samers Guild Project yesterday. Though we will miss them, it does leave some room for a couple more people. So if you're interested in trying to write a Sci-Fi or Fantasy story, go ahead and email me the following to me at

First Name
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As Promised, Samer's Guild Project For Young GLBTQ Writers Info

Hello Everyone!
Well I said I be back again after the first of the year to hit everyone up for the Samer's Guild Project again, and here I am. I know, it's the first of the year. I'm a little early. So sue me. Anyway, here's a recap of the Samers Guild Project:

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Ok I'm not getting any response regarding this Chat Session

Ok, so none of the people who wrote that they were interested in this Writer's Project (see my previous posts) have responded to my announcement of a chat session to discuss it. I'm going to just assume that it's too close to the holidays for anyone to have time to think about this. I'll still be in the chat room wednesday night from 8 to 10 EST. If you want to join me, just email me at for the link and the password.

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