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Coming out?

Coming out...
Where does one begin? Do you do it straight forward or beat around the bush? I fear the day when I will have to tell my family that I am in fact bisexual. You want to hear something funny? My parrents are ok if I'm hetrosexual or homosexual but not if I am bisexual. They say bisexuals are simply indecisive. What do I do?

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Im not really sure how this works, but Ill give it a shot (im sorry it is a novel)

So this year I went away to college, and I met a girl, who was a few years older than me, and we quickly became best friends. Before I met her I never really had any bisexual feelings, neither did she. One thing lead to another and after months of being friends we hooked up and started dating. We didn't tell anyone, I told one of my sisters, and she told one of her friends, but did not want anyone to know because her parents would freak.

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This is me:

I need to tell, about me, to explain what is in my head. It makes it clearer for me when I write it, so here it is.

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I promise you, all my life, I've always known I prefer women over men. I've always pictured a tall busty blond lady in stilletos and a red dress. Camron Diaz, in The Mask as Tina. She was my perfect woman. Although so was Elvira, Mistress of The Dark. She was so... outgoing & attractive... strong. Growing up, I've been taught that same-sex relations weren't acceptable & they were dirty & discusting. The men liked it though. Obviously, they still do.
My problem?
"Its Adam & Eve, not Adam & Steve!"
aka... Religion.

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"Im taking you to my wife"

I left the house around 8:40pm I didn't have anywhere to go or any plans it was my last day and I wanted it to be fun you know a blow out but it didn't seem like it was going to happen for me I was scared the night would just pass me by so I went to the corner of Webb and sedwick I stood there and waited cars whizzed by and honked but none good enough then this guy stopped and wanted to talk to me he wasn't really cute well you know not my type he was black and not much taller then me but he looked strong he told me I was beautiful and that we could have a good time drinking and maybe smoking

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Don't ask me where this is going because I don't know...

Her body is the marriage of grace and sex. It's there amongst the music of her speech and the noise of her distance from my hand. It bends to imitate the ways of lovers in bed and sways like that of a dancer. Her body falls into my bed and "come," it says. Too much for my brain to behold, my body retreats.

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I came out to my best friend

So today I came out to my best friend. I was kinda scared, but I wanted her to know even if she was homophobic. I kind of had a feeling that she was, but I wasn't sure.

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What next?

Hey guys,
now that I have figured out that I am bisexual, (for all of you who helped me figure out what I am, you guys have a special place in my heart) I don't know what to do next. I've told my one gay friend that I am bisexual, but I don't know who else to tell. Most of my friends outside of school are conservatives and I don't know if I should tell them. I really love the time we spend together and I really don't want to lose that.

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How did you feel when you came out?

How did you feel when you came out?

If you haven't already, what are your emotions at being closeted and/or when someone else brings up sexuality, either in a positive or negative light?

Extra Bonus Question: The rainbow flag is supposed to stand for all the different orientations and genders there are. What color are you?

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I try to smile, even on the cloudy day...

Okay brace yourself I am on a rant, straight bashing really! I DON'T do this often but I am annoyed! Why is it that straight woman are FOREVER talking about their boyfriends/husbands and why does this bug me...
1) because they could do so with out being judged or even giving it a second thought and

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Emotional Overload...Maybe.??. I see my counsellor tomorrow...and I'll have something to hide from her...

I found out this stuff (concerning a straight friend of mine) this I'm scared...for her.

I never knew. Never knew that all this time, she was still doing it..Oh, man. *Sigh*

On a happier note, I went to work feet are sore, but it's worth it..

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I Chickened Out....

She was right the end of the hall on Monday at dismissal, talking to another teacher. I could have told her. I could've effing told her!

My therapist is telling me that she probably would've took it the wrong way, if I told her.

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CAMP!?!?! Coming out!?!?! PLANES!?!?!?!

My friend Heather and I are looking into going to camp. We live in Ontario. But there's only one GLBT camp in Canada that we can find so far and so we are looking into going to Camp Ten Trees in Seattle.

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Omigod. &&A Rather Long "Update" For Yous.

I have a job interview on Monday after school...My first ever. God, I am soooo nervous. I hope I don't fuck up on something. *Shudders* On the other hand, I really hope I get the job (I need to make money somehow, I'm sick of having to ask my parents for money all the time.) I hope it goes good. XD There's always a first for everything, right.

I am watching Wedding Wars Monday night, as well. :)

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