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Christmas Break!

Hey everyone. It's 12/13/12. I am now 15 as of November 30th. I'm going to start there :)'s picture

First Year of University Coming to an End

So I haven't been on here in a long time so I'm going to try and make this shorter than it would be. Lol. Well my first year at university is almost over and its been fun. I gave a guy my number, his name was James, nothing really came out from it but i tried. Passed all my courses and learned Spanish my first semester, well part 1 and 2 Spanish. Now I need to learn part 3 and 4. Second semester went well too. I've had a chance to mke some great friends, and find new male interests. A guy I find majorly hot is Marcel, he's in my politics class. Idk about him but I'm going to try and find out.

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Sorry about this. Just read if you want to.

I have a boring life. I'm lonely. I came out to my (only) friend on Sunday. I didn't want to actually directly let her know, so I played a game. I gave her a few hints and let her guess. She got it right on the first try. I told her that she could tell her boyfriend. By the way, she isn't heterosexual. I found out that she's pansexual. Night is when I think the most and day is when I'm tired and don't really have any thoughts. Last night, I was incredibly happy and proud about being gay and not being the only one who knows it.

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Anyone transgender...

Hey, I'm back.
I'm doing a school project on the topic of transgender people, and I need an interview for it via e-mail. I'd like to be able to interview someone transgender who's accepted being transgender and can give me some good insight and info on the topic and a personal view on it. Private message me or reply here if you're willing to let me interview you for my research paper!!
Thanks guys : )

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You Have an Extremely Active Imagination

Your mind is vivid, lively, and colorful. There is a lot going on in your head.

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English Class Quandry

My English class in school has started a poetry unit, which is nice because I like poetry. The main assignment though, is to write a poem pertaining to our "heritage, family, ethnicity, or cultural veiwpoint." The stongest cultural ties I have though are to people like all of you and I don't know if that's a proper writing topic for english class, despite the fact that my English teacher is a feminist, has a history of sympathy towards the queer students at my school, and seems to like me.

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been a while,eh?

So....what's been up w/Ash since last posting? Well qute a lot actually:).....the bus system here is actually pretty cool and a lot of ppl use it for going to RVC so that's a 'it's not just me' kind of thing and that's good and I like that I can use it to go to the mall/3-4 blocks from the movies?

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Fallout 3

I'm getting soooo into Fallout 3 now. I got it in, what, October and only now am I really getting into it and, really, all I want to do is play it all night long. But then there is pesky school tomorrow, so I can't. Or, well, I shouldn't. I also found some totally random lesbian couple in the game. It was so weird and so nice to find that. It was made me smile. Maybe I'll expand upon that tomorrow when I'm not so tired :)

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DA and school

This video made me laugh, I thought I would share, but you probably won't find it nearly as funny unless you've played Dragon Age : Origins :)

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snowing now....

hehe and same goes for this weekend I the New Year looms still, I've decided to reflect on things and stuff...I know to do things w/ my old ways now when it comes to personal relationships and I know to not forget that now/try to things differently cuz the old ways help/are needed anyways in the long run...I know it's ok to want certain things out of a relationship and to leave/break up if those things aren't happening cuz hey, maybe they're not meant to happen or never will?

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ideas for GSA activites

So, I was really psyched to join GSA this year, and of course really proud of myself for going, but we haven't done *anything* this year. We literally have not. Actually, that's not true--we made posters for Coming-Out Day, but the leader never put them up. And that's kind of the issue--the student leader is not doing anything, and our teacher sponsor comes up with ideas but they never get implemented. On top of that, all of the people in GSA are not showing up. We'll have 4 or 5 people each Tuesday even though there are like 20 in the club. It's kind of depressing.

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so today i went around school with a free hugs sign

i got alot of weird looks/ points and laughs

and some people i dont know actually hugged me!

that was awesome....i kept a tally but i didnt tally some, sadly...

the total tally so far is 180...amazing...and my best friend was the 100th one :)

and since tomorrow is natioinal coming out day...i'm going up to the 99 cent store and try to find a white shirt so i can write free hugs on it...

also...update on my nonexistant love life!

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I'm so friggin busy, yet I procastinate soooo much :-\

UPDATE: you get to learn Cales and Te's real names!!! look to my journal on 10/16!!! (the names are totally different b/c we have a huge secret code thing they started waaaayyy back in 5th grade, I'm Wesley... i think XD.. )

I have a project to finish, but I kinda don't wanna :-\

I decided to try recording using my super-dooper audio recorder today. Worked pretty well.

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Well, that's a lonely realization...I'm the only trans kid at my school.

I was sitting in my first meeting of the year of the GLBTQ support group at my school this morning.
We have alot of kids from 9th and 10th grades, especially, so the 11th and 12th graders and everyone are trying to figure out how we can get a manageable support group size so everyone can get their turn talking and getting help.
Now, last year, it was 9th grade and 10/11/12 by ourselves.
Now, people are offering ideas about "how about we do the gay boys, together, lesbians together, bi kids together, and questioning kids go wherever they think they go?"
Which is great.
For everyone else.

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WooHoo MUSIC!!!

If I haven't already said it here (don't think I have :-\...) I'm in electronic music class at my school. That basically means I basically get to compose and record my own music! XD
Well, since I wrote most of the lyrics for our 1st song, it seems I'm also the engineer for it too (guy who does all the computer stuffs). We finally finished recording the guitar part, and we're ready for bass and vocals soon, like Mon.-Wed.!

OH!!!! I remember the make of my dad's guitar! It's a Novation an Ovation. Is that good?

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random things that have happened recently...

I shall go in entirely random order because that's about how my brain is working right now.

I'm gonna be Bellatrix Lestrange for Halloween, and I got this awesome corset from Hot Topic for the costume. (For those of you who don't know, I am not the Hot Topic type. The employees gave me weird looks when I walked in--like "Um, I think you're in the wrong place.") And this morning I decided that it was too cute to wait for Halloween so I wore it today. And got a ton of compliments. And K was like "Hey it's really cute!" and like felt the bottom hem of it for no apparent reason. ^^

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coming out on the first day of school

yeah reaction from teachers but many from my peers...mostly just people i know...-_-'

i got alot of "oh my gawd i love it!" pointing to my wrist with the rainbow GAY cuff...that's what it says on the hot topic thing it was on...a wrist cuff...ok anyways...

i dont think there was pointing or laughing...i think there were stares...haha of course...

i had shown it to the new gsa prez and she was all like, "yes!" and stuck her fist in the times...

first day of school= omgwthbbqlmaowtfO_o

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just an fyi (and impromptu rant)

now that school's started i don't know how much i'll be on here. especially since i'll be joining the GSA this year. and i haven't been feeling very angsty recently. (that's good right?) but i promise i'll keep y'all updated on anything major, and i'll check in at least once a week. just, i might not answer PMs in the best time.
...i think that's about it.

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