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Has anyone bothered to ask?

My second attempt and the one i think im gunna do for the poem i have to do.. comments suggestions etc. Theme is vision.

Four bedrooms, four bathrooms.
Two boys, three girls
One mom, one dad.
Two families.

A pool in the backyard.
A dog in his house.
Cars in the drive.
Money in the bank

A perfect little family, we appear to be.
Has anyone bothered to ask if this is my reality?

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Black and White

So I'm doing this for a school assignment- i have to write a poem which i stink at. The theme is vision. Here's my first attempt.

He sees me as a perfect angel,
I see a person who works to much.
She sees me as a good role model for her kids
I see a naïve and gullible individual.

They see two cool older sisters.
We see three kids tossed around too much.
They see a happy ending.

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out to teachers?

okay, so i'm gay and i'm proud of it. i'm sure we share this. =] and i really want to be out and open about it. i mean the kids at school should know by now. but what do you think about teachers? do you think coming out to teachers is a good thing? are you out to your teachers?

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SAGE meeting...or not

It's been a countdown of sorts this week. I was on the internet looking for information on schools SAGE (Straights and gays for equality) group and couldn't find any. Almost all the other clubs had links to their own site with info on them but SAGE didn't. Well I eventually googled it and found some info (on a st.

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Sunburn And Sartre

This weekend was the first practice of the school ultimate frisbee team/club. It was completely awesome. I forgot how much I like ultimate frisbee. It's one of the few sports I'm halfway decent at, and the people on the team are ridiculously wonderful, sweet, fun people. The only downside was that my shoulders, face and neck are sunburnt. Which hurts. But oh well.

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i need help with a school project on gay marriage

so in my great womens writers class we had to come up with a controversial topic and make a speach and a poster for it. I got my group to choose, much to my enjoyment, for gay marriage. and i need some good slogans to put on out sighn, and i cant think of any so can anyone help me?

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Another Day, another...?

Today we had our Service Faire. If your schools don't have them, it is an opportunity for people from different organizations to come and talk to students about their community work. It gives us ideas as to what we want to do to raise our service hours. Some of the things that those people do are simply amazing, and I admire them.

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So I just got home from swim practice...Which means that my school day is 2 hours longer than most people. Masochistic, I know. I'm still in my barely damp swim suit and skipped getting dress in favor of...A sweatshirt. High fashion, I know.

The first thing on my mind, once in the door: FOOD

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Angry Amy

Alrighty then. This is my oppinion on the whole knowing your sexuality when you're in 5th grade/13. Though the two are vastly different. In todays' world, there is no age limit on self discovery. So yes, I think you can know at 13 that you're gay. I'm not saying that things don't change, but thats completely different. I won't go as far to say that you will know 100%. Because things change.

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I'm so hardcore today...

So my first week of swim practice is almost over. And today, for some chlorine induced reason, I decided that I wanted to make it to districts in the 500 yrd event. For all you non-swimmers, 500's are the longest event in the high school swim meet. Nobody on my team will voluntarily swim this event. But me. The asthmatic. I swim the 500 in a little over 9 minutes.

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school classes

okey first let me explain how my school works we have 4 classes a day called blocs for 90 and a free block between 1st and 2nd called roc

1st semmester

1st orch
2nd spanish 2
3rd flagcorps w/ the band
4th biology

2nd semmester

1st orch
2nd ammerican history
3rd honors english
3th geometry

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All right, here's an update on my life right now:

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I'm gunna get there someday...

She tells me she loves me every day, multiple times. We fight only because I start it. But I've always been that way. There are nights where I think I might die from loving her too much. Because anybody else's name on her lips breaks my hearts. We once made a million promises and created our dreams on the silly hopes of 15 year old kids. We're gunna get there someday.

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it's been a while since i posted.

i've been busy.

i hate school.

my cousin/best friend's ex boyfriend/my friend who has a girlfriend has a crush on me even though he knows that i don't do boys. (????)

i hate school.

i'm going to the theater company awards on friday.

i hate school.

i'm going to study now.

did i mention that i hate school?

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I'm gonna go on a TRIP! (This entry contains a long rant; you have now been warned)

So, on Friday I'm going to leave on a trip with my lesbian grandmothers. I'm going to go to Oregon, which is right above California, and since I live on the East Coast of the United States, that's going to be a loooooong plane flight. The trip's going to last for two and a half weeks. I'm kind of scared...

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Yay, hair gel! I look all butch now! :D (A collection of random thoughts)

I was talking about what I should do with my hair today while I was in the car with my uncle, my sister, and my brother. (We were going to see Spider-Man 3. But more on that later.) My uncle stopped by Target on the way to the movie, and he bought me some hair gel!

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Let Freedom (Not) Ring

[In response to one of the principals at my school denying the literary magazine the right to publish one of my poems, which happens to be about gay people. ("A Ballad for Two Men.")]

I hear it everywhere, oppression’s
Favorite onomatopoeia:
(clink, clink
In suffocated elevators, singing a sad
Kind of chime as they reach heights
They shall kiss again and again,

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brain fart

i feel like i'm having a day-long brain fart....

like my brain simply decided to stop working today....

we had a moment of silence at 12:00 today, everyone was sitting in their desks and we were all really quiet, it was intense...

the the principal accidentally turned the pa off and we all had a good laugh.

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I have a paper due for class today, it's supposed to be a min. of 2 pages. But I don't feel like writing it. I have half a page done and gave up. I have 3 hours to finish writing it. And I have no idea if I'm going to finish it. I might I just was like eh Fuck it. I don't have to do it. I don't know even if I'm gunna go today. It's only the second day, and I dislike the teacher.

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