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The love that I show is the love that you made

I can be easily presuaded and that sucks. I don't normally tell people at school who I like but today I slipped up and told this boy who really doesn't even talk to me except to ask if we have homework in science class. I told him I liked the new girl but I didn't tell him which one. That didn't matter I guess cause he guessed and of course he was right.

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Motivation maybe?

School was actually half way decent. At least for the day when I don't actually LIKE any of my classes. Until I got to science. And then it pretty much sucked. We got handed the biggest project ever today. It's called...Science Expo. And the packet is about 25 pages thick. And it's worth 30% of our grade. I am so so so screwed. It's compiled of a bunch of rough drafts. I hate rough drafts.

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Well, I finally broke down

This entire story is kind of embarrassing for me, but here it goes anyway.

I was in my Relationships class today, which is a class all about how to have healthy interactions and romantic relationships with people in your every day life. It's essentially just a branch of sociology but focused more on understanding people's emotions than how people work in general.

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Bullets & Broken hearts, littered in the street...

The title is part of a poem i came up with today in world history....don't ask, i was bored.

i got my hair cut today. i got bangs, but i dunno if i like them yet. probably once they grow out a little, i'll like them. i definitely don't like the way they look with my hair down. maybe i'm just picky, i dunno.

tomorrow's the last day of school before christmas break! yay!

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mixed bag

If you ever wondered about purple-haired girl, she didn't turn up on the last day of school unfortunately. But I swear she brushed past me when I was walking out of the train station, weird yeah. So I probably won't ever see her again unless she comes back next year to redo classes she failed like I a m going to be doing. If that's the case, I will definitely start talking to her then. Cheers for the comments by the way guys, they made me smile :]

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