Scion's Blood

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Scion's Blood Trailer

My editor flipped over the OQ trailer and instructed me to get busy and do one for Scion's Blood ASAP. Well, here it is:

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Now that things seem to be picking up in here again...

Hey guys!

I'm still offering the ebook of my first novel, Orphan's Quest, for free to anyone on Oasis that wants to read it. I only ask in return that you give me your opinion and encourage others to read it. Of course, if you want to buy a copy, it can now be special ordered from any bookstore in the US, the UK and probably Canada as well (yay!).

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Preview My New Book

So many of you took advantage of my offer to download the e-book of my first novel, Orphan's Quest, for free that I decided to go one better this time and give Oasis members the chance to download book two, Scion's Blood, before it even comes out!

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Draft One is Done!!!! (hey I rhymed)

My first draft of Scion's Blood is finally done. Now it goes off to my First Readers for critiquing. As if that wasn't exciting enough, I got my ISBN assingnments today, which means my publishing company, Glynworks Publishing, is officially open for business. Right now I'm its only author, but I hope one day to use it to publish works by other GLBT Sci-Fi/ Fantasy/Horror authors.

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